Nuclear Free Scotland

Nuclear Meltdown

By Mike Small Brian Wilson in standard mode this week: apoplectic. The sense of self-importance and enshrined right-to-rule is most evident with Unionist politicians like Wilson but the sheer hypocrisy is breathtaking. Last week he used his regular platform in… Read More ›

Jammy Smears

By Doug Daniel Before May 2011, no unionist (other than Wendy Alexander perhaps) had any inclination for Scotland to hold a referendum on independence. Since then, however, they have been clamoring for the referendum to come along as soon as… Read More ›

Independence Lite?

By Pat Kane (from Thoughtland) It’s fair to say – along with the not-so-gentle student arm-twisting of a newly elected representative for the South of Scotland region – that the veteran SNP grandee Jim Sillars is responsible for my current… Read More ›

The End of Nuclear Energy

This week, high profile environmentalists like George Monbiot (‘The Fukushima crisis should not spell the end of nuclear power‘) and Mark Lynas (‘What does the Japanese Quake Crisis Say About Nuclear Power’) wrote in defence of nuclear power putting the… Read More ›

Labour Goes Nuclear

In February Labour’s man in Scotland Jim Murphy announced Labours commitment to a new generation of nuclear power stations in Scotland. This morning Iain Gray – Scotland’s Homer – is broadcasting from Torness Power station. London Labour’s mind has been made… Read More ›