1947 and All That

By Pete Ritchie When the independence debate ignited after the 2011 election, much of the conversation was about substitution – could an independent Scottish state manage the functions of the UK government, and maintain an equivalent standard of living.  The… Read More ›

Yes for More

By Alex Bell I’ve been Daily Mailed. Apparently I’ve ‘slated’ the Yes campaign and accused it of ‘deceit’. Who knew. To explain, when I left government I promised on Newsnight Scotland to present my case that the issues at the… Read More ›

Indy Podcast 10

Did you know that home insurance premiums in Scotland are artificially high because Scotland is part of the union? I didn’t. You can find out why and much more by listening to ScotIndyPod episode 10 where I talk with (Dr)… Read More ›


Everyone has a legal right to see information from Scottish public authorities. You don’t have to say who you are or why you want the information. And if the public authority refuses to give it to you, they must tell you why, and the Information Commissioner can… Read More ›

Candy Floss Unionism

Isobel Lindsay on behalf of the Scottish Independence Convention comments on UK Labour leader Ed Milliband’s speech today (Thursday) defending the union: “Ed Milliband’s candy floss message managed to avoid any real political and socio-economic content. When Scots, after decades… Read More ›


David Cameron told MPs three months ago: “I’m responsible for the decisions I take, the people I employ, the government I run. The buck stops right here, and I take full responsibility for every single thing I do.” You’re not… Read More ›


By Doug Daniel The furore surrounding David Starkey’s stupid comments, comparing Alex Salmond to a “Caledonian Hitler”, were more interesting for what people didn’t say, than for what they actually did. In comparison to the Economist cover, which was met… Read More ›