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I’m posting a quick snapshot of who has read Bella today.  Maybe its of interest, maybe not. The stats speak for themselves: there is a niche for what Bella has been publishing and plenty of folk from other countries are looking in.  Hopefully the momentum can be built upon as we go into 2013 – the year that Holyrood finally gets to debate our long-awaited Independence Referendum Bill.

As an aside, I know politics is nothing without passion but let’s keep the debate in the Comments sections friendly: treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself. Thoughtful, courteous and informed always beats the sort of daft name calling and yah boo dreary abuse that has turned the Comments sections in The Scotsman, Guardian, Mail etc into unreadable dross.



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  1. Effiedeans says:

    Some people from unexpected countries are clearly taking an interest in Scottish constitutional matters, but it good to see that whoever is collecting the statistics is clearly a unionist flying the Union Jack right up there at the top. No doubt this reflects media bias!!
    We’ve all no doubt said things about opponents that on reflection we should regret. There are complaints on both sides about rudeness. There is no point however, saying to our opponents you clean up your act then I’ll clean up mine. Each of us can only regulate his own behaviour and set an example that an opponent might choose to follow or not as the case may be.

  2. Effie Deans says:

    There are some surprising places where people are interested in Scottish independence, but then again we already knew that quite a number of prominent nationalists live abroad. Good to see that the UK and the Union Jack still heads the list. No doubt this shows media bias of the Internet!!
    We’ve all at times said things about opponents, which we should no doubt regret. Both sides complain about rudeness and no doubt each side can cite examples. I’ve regularly heard this debate descend into you clear up your act then I’ll clear up mine, but I doubt that approach will change anything. Better to take a unilateral approach to disarmament with regard to politeness of debate.

  3. Kevin, I can email Max Keiser, and ask if he’ll do an interview with you for Bella; Max is on Russia Today, and I know they are keen to promote Scotland’s independence. Max usually looks for high quality, modern & independent, (not msm), skype interviews; you would be a perfect fit for Max.

  4. bellacaledonia says:

    Michael Greenwell could help with that?

    1. It’s up to you bruv; it would be good for Bella, and for Scotland’s independence campaign.

  5. Query – are those stats only based on page visitors? I rarely visit blog webpages nowadays to read articles – my RSS reeder does all that for me. If you’re not using an app which can count subscriptions via RSS, you might be severely understating how many people access content in other ways.


    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Think its just page visitors.

  6. Kevin, I got an email from Stacy Herbert form Max Keiser;s show, and she said she’d love to do a skype interview with you, Michael, or someone from Bella, and they could do it on Wed’ 3rd November at 4pm, or, Wed’ 10th November at 4p.m. Email me Kevin for the email details, and I’ll send you all the correspondence. You can get me on [email protected]

    This could be a fantastic opportunity to put Scotland’s side for ‘Separatism’ while all Europe is going the same Separatist way. Please get back to me Kevin, or Michael, as soon as possible.

  7. Clydebuilt says:

    allymax bruce
    3rd and 10th Nov. is a Saturday

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