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  • Anti-Capitalism

    Pedagogy of the Connected

    In Amusing Ourselves to Death, a prophetic work on the impact of television on culture, the late media scholar Neil Postman compared two dystopias. One was […]

    Muhammad Idrees Ahmad 20th Sep'12 4
  • Arts & Culture
    Jamie Maxwell 20th Sep'12 6
  • Music

    State Hospital EP

    This is great …

    18th Sep'12 0
  • Commentary

    Arguing for Independence

    Arguing for Independence lifts the entire debate on Scottish independence to a new intellectual level…

    Mike Small 18th Sep'12 6
  • New Scotland

    The Answer is 43

    This from British Social Attitudes 2o12 Evidently there is something of a puzzle to be unravelled here… “As Table 7.6 shows, in fact the principle […]

    John CurticeRachel Ormston 17th Sep'12 16
  • Antifascism

    Taking Catalonia Forward

    In Catalonia 51 per cent would vote Yes for independence, by latest official polls, in front of a 24 per cent against, however, this ‘YES’ […]

    Anna Arqué i Solsona 13th Sep'12 8
  • Globalisation

    Independence in the World

    As Scotland’s greatest living polymath Alasdair Gray (Bella’s patron) changes his famous slogan to: ‘work as if you live in the early days of a […]

    Alyn Smith 13th Sep'12 4
  • Football

    They’ve Learned Nothing

    The idea of Rangers as some sort of parable of our times is becoming compelling. A club riven by debt and mired in bad practice […]

    Mike Small 12th Sep'12 24
  • Arts & Culture

    The Scottish Independence Podcast 1

    This is the first Scottish Independence Podcast. This project will be an attempt to discuss some of the real choices coming up for Scotland without […]

    Mike Small 12th Sep'12 6
  • Identity
    Kevin Williamson 11th Sep'12 8
  • Identity
    Gerry Hassan 11th Sep'12 2
  • Anti-Capitalism
    Alan McIntosh 10th Sep'12 7
  • Commentary

    Oddballs and Social Misfits

    “An assortment of social misfits”, that’s us. That’s how supporters of Scottish independence were described yesterday by the Guardian columnist, Kevin McKenna. I wasn’t offended […]

    Andrew Barr 10th Sep'12 8
  • Anti-Capitalism

    The Dark Side of the Green Economy

    Why some indigenous groups and environmentalists are saying no to the “green economy.” Everywhere you look these days, things are turning green. In Chiapas, Mexico, […]

    Jeff Conant 8th Sep'12 5

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