it's time to get above ourselves

  • Commentary
    Robin McAlpine 9th Feb'12 19
  • Arts & Culture

    A Future Equality

    I know some people will say ‘What’s this got to do with independence?!’ It has everything to do with independence. Winning the battle for Yes […]

    8th Feb'12 1
  • Identity

    The Case for English Independence

    The British are meant to be content with the spectacles and dramas laid on for them. In the New Year, David Cameron told us with […]

    Dan Hind 8th Feb'12 0
  • Commentary

    Huffing and Puffing

    The United Kingdom, like all states, is an artificial construct. For some its symbol is the bulldog. The strange thing about the bulldog is that […]

    Michael Greenwell 8th Feb'12 1
  • Arts & Culture

    Abandoned Scotland

    Kelvingrove Park Bandstand Seminary St Peter’s Cardross More at Abandoned Scotland here.

    7th Feb'12 12
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    Irish Ayes

    Britain’s Ancien Regime is in a state of flux and the current situation is loaded with potential and provides those of us striving for the […]

    Jim Slaven 3rd Feb'12 9
  • Renewable Energy

    Scottish Power

    One of the biggest independence battlegrounds will be over energy and the ‘divided we fall’ arguments of the Unionists will be writ large. Labour MP […]

    Mark Ruskell 3rd Feb'12 7
  • Anti-Capitalism

    The Destruction of the Metropole

    It is an odd situation that Scotland finds herself in at the moment.  A bit like a teenager, yearning for the freedom which is only […]

    Mhairi McAlpine 2nd Feb'12 20
  • Poetry
    George Gunn 2nd Feb'12 8
  • Arts & Culture

    The World Over

    Hat’s off to the amazing folks at Blipfoto…

    1st Feb'12 6
  • New Labour

    You’re History

    Let’s stop living in a past that only half-existed.

    Doug Daniel 1st Feb'12 40
  • Referendum on Independence

    Indy Poll

    Scottish Independence Poll (January 2012) View more presentations from Ipsos MORI

    31st Jan'12 3
  • Digital Culture

    Martyn Bennett, 1971-2005

    “Try and find those things that make us Scottish. They are not necessarily tartan, but are no less colourful. They are in the sound of […]

    30th Jan'12 3
  • Death of Capitalism
    29th Jan'12 3

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