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  • Anarchism

    Addicted to Power

    Catalan Referendum: an Anarchist Perspective

    3rd Oct'17 2
  • Scots
    Tammas Clark 2nd Oct'17 0
  • Poetry

    Catalonia Caledonia

      (The Falangists reappear on the streets of Barcelona 1.10.17) If they were given permission by the Angel of History to be confounded by their […]

    George Gunn 2nd Oct'17 2
  • Commentary

    Saving the Union

     Catalonia is not Spain – but Catalonia is not Scotland either.

    Mike Small 2nd Oct'17 22
  • Bella10

    Bella Ceilidh with Griogair Labhruidh

    As part of our season of celebrating our 10th anniversary, we are holding a series of parties, gigs and fundraisers across the country. We kick-off […]

    1st Oct'17 0
  • Catalonia

    Castro on Catalonia

    Indispensable interview with writer Liz Castro on Catalonia’s historic independence referendum. Good primer on background to the movement and the conflict …     * […]

    Phantom Power 1st Oct'17 7
  • Commentary
    George Gunn 1st Oct'17 7
  • Bella10

    Bella is 10: Back Us

    Since 2007 we’ve been publishing critical content trying to make sense of the world around us, as movements for popular sovereignty and against austerity gained […]

    Mike Small 30th Sep'17 1
  • Media

    A Decade of Writing

    We are celebrating still being around after ten years. It’s our birthday! Send us a monthly present here. Here are a selection of some of […]

    Mike Small 30th Sep'17 0
  • Media

    Ian Bell Prize for New Writing

    The National Union of Journalists Edinburgh Branch and Ian Bell’s family invite entries by young writers for a new award to commemorate Ian Bell, the […]

    29th Sep'17 3
  • Commentary

    The Key that Opens the Lock

    Make no mistake, what is happening in Catalonia is a thuggish and ugly right-wing coup.  The full mechanisms of Catalonian government, the police, the transport […]

    David Whyte 28th Sep'17 6
  • Commentary

    Self Determination and Human Rights

    “If I have a problem with my wife, I send flowers ,” Josep Borrell [1] Josep Borrell, Socialist former President of the European Parliament, who […]

    Andrew Anderson 26th Sep'17 8
  • International
    David Jamieson 25th Sep'17 13
  • Commentary

    Florence and the Machine Politician

    The strength of feeling that the Scottish people have about this need for control and the direct accountability of their politicians is one reason why, […]

    Mike Small 23rd Sep'17 15

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