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  • Peace activism
    Simon Byrom 21st Jan'16 19
  • Trident

    Westminster, the Bomb and the SNP

    By Bill Ramsay The significance of the fact that the first outing of the new SNP Westminster parliamentary group was a set piece full frontal […]

    Bill Ramsay 29th May'15 59
  • Commentary

    The Fire Next Time

    Each week up until the RIC conference we’ll be writing and commissioning practical movement-building suggestions and ideas. Here’s our first. Nobody’s going back in any […]

    Mike Small 1st Nov'14 23
  • Commentary

    Flipper Flopped Flapped and Failed

    A decisive moment and crucial timing last night as Alistair Darling crumbled under the onslaught of Salmond’s analysis. If the body language was anything to […]

    Mike Small 26th Aug'14 51
  • Commentary

    Drone Warrior

    Philip Hammond arrives in Glasgow today to visit a Drones factory and champion Weapons of Mass Destruction. En route he was keen to spread the […]

    Mike Small 15th Apr'14 13
  • Environmental Justice

    WMD Found

    “With devolution you get to ban air-rifles, with independence you can cancel Trident” …

    Mike Small 18th Mar'13 1
  • New Scotland

    Trident – Nowhere to Go

    An independent Scotland means the end of Trident in the UK.

    Brian Quail 23rd Feb'12 16
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