Scotland's 5th Estate


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    George Gunn 11th Jan'18 6
  • Commentary

    Social Media v Democracy

    Are you feeling a bit like Mercer, the boyfriend in Dave Eggers novel The Circle? In the book digital culture has developed to engulf and […]

    Mike Small 2nd Nov'17 5
  • International

    What Lurks Behind Walls

    Borders are scratched across the hearts of men by strangers with a calm, judicial pen and when the borders bleed we watch with dread the […]

    Christos Galanis 20th Nov'15 4
  • Media

    Zoomers and the Speech Police

    By Alistair Davidson The oddest thing to happen to me this month was my old friend and comrade Nick Durie appearing in the Daily Record […]

    24th Mar'15 15
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    18th Mar'15 70
  • Identity

    Who Wants to be Comfortably Numb?

    2014 has fundamentally transformed me. I didn’t expect it. This time last year, Scottish independence was something I barely thought about. Struggling to balance long […]

    Susan J 14th Sep'14 11
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    Aye Nominate

    It’s dead simple. Take a short video of yourself giving your main reason for voting Yes, then nominate 5 people to do the same. Here’s […]

    Mike Small 2nd Sep'14 0
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    Ewan Morrison 22nd Jul'14 41
  • Football

    Stephen Birrell and Facebook Hate

    There is a very quiet page on Facebook called ‘Free Stephen Birrell’.  There may be a few legal or human rights reasons that Birrell, sentenced […]

    Peter Burnett 18th Oct'11 9
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