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Labour for Independence

  • Commentary

    Labour Pains, Labour of Love

    When I think back to how the Scottish independence debate has evolved in terms of my personal journey, I can see it in three distinct […]

    Irvine Welsh 8th Sep'14 104
  • Commentary
    Mike Small 19th Aug'14 9
  • Austerity Britain

    Red Star or Dark Star?

    The week began with Will Hutton (‘Britain (sic)is scared to face the real issue’) warning: “Societies as unequal as Britain’s are profoundly dysfunctional. The inequality that […]

    Mike Small 23rd Jan'14 13
  • Commentary

    Independents for Labour

    It was a bright and optimistic Saturday morning this last weekend, and I decided I wanted to attend Labour for Independence’s policy conference. The website […]

    Pat Kane 31st Jul'13 13
  • Scottish Labour Party
    Kevin Williamson 21st Nov'12 9
  • New Labour

    Labour for Independence

    Under what conditions – say, the next 24 months leading up to the most important political event in 300 years for Scotland – could a […]

    Pat Kane 10th Feb'12 14
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