News Release: RIC reveal detailed results from 100 of their canvasses

75a6e308ca5d6b6dca4d1e35264891886a0b147d_260x221_Q75RIC reveal detailed results from 100 of their canvasses targeting working class communities, totalling 16,000 canvass returns, a sample much larger than any polling company has produced to date.


The results will be announced as part of the daily press conferences of grassroots Yes groups, organised by the Scottish Independence Convention. The Press Conference is at 11am in the CCA, on Sauchiehall Street.


The speakers for the canvassing results available for questions and comment will include Jonathon Shafi (Radical Independence Campaign Co-Founder), Deborah Waters (Deputy Leader of Labour for Independence), Paul Leinster (Generation Yes and Labour activist), and Sinead Dunn, organiser of the voter registration work for RIC.


There will also be people from other grassroots yes groups available for comment on general referendum issues.


The CCA Cinema room will provide space for broadcasting and WIFI is available.

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  1. alistairliv says:

    I have been looking for responses to the previous RIC mass canvass held on 22 June and haven’t found much. And what I did was dismissive. Scot Goes Pop said

    “It’s also likely that some people won’t have told the truth because they didn’t want to cause offence or disappointment to the Yes people on their doorsteps – that would be most likely to manifest itself as No voters pretending to be Don’t Knows, but there may also have been some people presenting themselves as more certain for Yes than they really are. It’s also the case that Radical Independence were mainly canvassing in lower-income areas where you’d expect the Yes vote to be higher than the national average anyway.

    So when you take all those factors together, probably the best way of putting it is that it would have been quite worrying if the results of the mass canvass hadn’t shown a Yes lead – but thankfully they did.”

    So it is unlikely that RIC’s second mass canvass will be reported widely. Note- I am a member of Radical Independence Dumfries and Galloway so if anyone can come up with a positive spin on the new results it would be appreciated.

    1. James Coleman says:

      Both canvassing and organised polls have faults which cause errors in results in canvassing as explained by James Kelly above, in the polls due to the structure of who is polled, where and the innaccuracy of weightings applied to raw results.

      Me? My views are simple. Organised polls do not reflect what you see and hear on the ground because they use people who have applied to be included in such polls. And such polls will NOT include those not interested in politics and who seldom if ever vote. However that HUGE group IS being tapped at the grass roots by canvassing, straw polls in newspapers, and on the social media, and at the hundreds of public meetings and stalls throughout Scotland. And most are saying they WILL vote in the Referendum and that they will vote YES for Independence.

      Also the organised polls’ record for most major Scottish votes is very poor. None has ever been close to the actual results in 1997 Referendum, 2011 Holyrood Election and Euro 2014 Election. Some got some parts close to the results a few days before each event when every man and his dog knew what the result was likely to be. And we must never forget that the Pollsters have many ways and means to tweak results to what they desire at such times.

  2. Muscleguy says:


    Well I was out canvassing a middle class area in Dundee last week and there was a slim majority for Yes in the houses we canvassed. So just on our small sample it would seem it isn’t just working class areas.

    An increasing number of Yes posters in windows and a Yes flag have gone up around where I live here in the Ferry too. It is no longer the vote that dare not speak its name in ‘polite society’.

    RIC will be canvassing around here at the weekend so we will see if my sample holds up more locally to me. We’ll be back elsewhere this week too. The numbers won’t touch the 16,000 but they will still be indicative.

    One thing I noticed was that people in Yes houses were more knowledgeable about the issues than DK’s or those Noes who could be bothered to talk to us. In the face of MSM disinformation we are winning the information war. Wings pageviews after the debate and the release of the WBB keep setting records for eg. People are looking for information and when they find it they become Yes voters.

  3. Marian says:

    Never take your eye off the ball they say in sport and so while Project Fear and the Tory press are pre-occupied with their “get Salmond” vendetta, RIC and thousands of canvassers from the rest of the broad based YES movement have been working away at the grassroots winning over more and more converts to vote YES to independence on 18 September.

  4. Penfold says:

    I was at a meeting in Carnoustie where Nicola Sturgeon was talking. Quite a few ‘ladies who lunch’ looking types who surprised me with their ‘yes’ leanings. Just goes to show we should not stereotype. Suppose what I am trying to say is that if the Yes message is reaching middle class, older, female voters then we need to take heart in that. We can, and must, do it!

    1. gonzalo1 says:

      To be fair Carnoustie is an SNP constituency where the party always has a large majority.

  5. As we all know, the only REALLY accurate poll will be those votes counted up through the night of the 18th… but this announcement from the RIC is a clear (and infinitely more illuminating) light on the public actual opinion.

    Looks like it’ll be either a landslide, or a massive landslide for YES – fricking stupendous news. And even more positive, is the sense that this is the BEGINNING of our REAL ENGAGEMENT with ourselves and each other, as leaders of and workers for Scotland’s political transformation! AYE!

  6. Frank says:

    I think there is a serious case to be made for stopping opinion polls in a referendum. I heard that some countries already do this, but someone may want to correct me otherwise? Opinion polls are not scientifically accurate, they get discussed far too much instead of the actual issues, and they distort debate.

    Having said that, I would take the RIC poll with a pinch of salt – clearly areas have been targeted where there is a strong yes vote. Moreover, pollsters who are not trained make mistakes – double counting, saying people were in when they were not, etc.

    I am also of the view that many ‘don’t knows’ are actually ‘don’t cares’ and that come polling day many will fall into line and vote the same way as family and friends – given that, according to all of the other polls, the no campaign are in the majority this is not good news for yes.

  7. oldbattle says:

    To me Lanarkshire is the key to good YES win. Motherwell, Wishaw, Hamilton, Lanark my own Carluke vote a YES majority and Scotland will vote YES.

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