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  • International
    Liam O'Hare 2nd Oct'16 30
  • International

    Turning to the Young

    ‘We have to do the peace process under new conditions- not so much between states as generations. Today if you want to do something you […]

    Dervla Murphy 20th Nov'15 4
  • International

    The Right to Torture a People

    “If I was looking for a popularity contest, I would have chosen another cause.” Extended interview with Professor Norman Finkelstein on BDS zealotry, international law and […]

    Haniya Khalid 4th Nov'15 2
  • Palestine
    20th Aug'15 3
  • International

    Opposing Israeli Occupation

    The EU must do more to oppose Israel’s Occupation of Palestine, starting by hitting them where it hurts: their economy. Years have passed since Europe […]

    Alyn Smith 18th Nov'14 10
  • International
    Paul Laverty 21st Oct'14 6
  • International

    People Make Gaza

    “Stop the War” coalition has been involved with doing work around Palestine for a long time, and has now set up an emergency organising committee […]

    Dominyka Bačanskaitė 8th Aug'14 31
  • Commentary

    BBC Gaza

    As the crowds began to gather in Buchanan Street to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza, it was clear that the demonstration would […]

    Jonathon Shafi 21st Jul'14 35
  • International

    Scotland Stands with Gaza

    I grew up with two influential political struggles that were a massive influence on me: the Miners Strike (1984/5) and the Anti-Apartheid Movement. One lost, […]

    Mike Small 18th Jul'14 23
  • Commentary

    Scotland and Palestine

    The 5th of June marked what Palestinians call Al Naksa (the Setback), referring to the 1967 War when the Israeli forces demolished homes and villages, […]

    Ryan Swan 9th Jun'14 9
  • Review

    Book of the Day

    A Bird is  Not a Stone Edited by Henry Bell and Sarah Irving (Freight Books, Glasgow) is the first major collection of contemporary Palestinian poetry […]

    Mike Small 2nd Jun'14 0
  • Middle East
    Maya Wind 29th Nov'12 2
  • International
    Kevin Williamson 4th Nov'12 57
  • Identity

    The Silent Blockade

    A short film about this summer’s attempt by a few hundred Pro Palestinian and human rights campaigners to access the West Bank. Jon writes: “The Israeli […]

    Jon Pullman 25th Aug'11 0
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