Open Letter to Clean-Up Glasgow

As the implications of New Labour’s disastrous political coterie in Glasgow and wider Scotland becomes daily more apparent, we publish an Open Letter from Variant co-editor Leigh French to opposition Glasgow City Council Councillors and MSPs. At the heart of Purcell’s dodgy practice was a concept of sport and culture that degrades both:

“Culture and Sport Glasgow is reputedly on the cusp of a major expansion, which could see it run civic cultural and leisure services across Scotland.” (The Herald, 13 Mar 2010)

To prevent any ‘bad practice’ by spin-off companies created by disgraced former Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell inattentively spreading through the rest of Scotland, would it not be circumspect for opposition Councillors and MSPs to demand a freeze of any expansion of Culture & Sport Glasgow before nothing less than a comprehensive audit and full disclosure of the ‘murky’ financial dealings of the complex network of Glasgow Councillors, businessmen and public sector chiefs that evolved under Mr. Purcell’s leadership?


Leigh French

The New Bohemia by Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt
Detailed, insightful article, based on academic study undertaken at Strathclyde University, revealing the controversial creation of Culture and Sport Glasgow – the private company set up to take over the running of culture and sport from Glasgow City Council.

Diagram of Culture and Sport Glasgow structure:

Corrections and Clarification

PLEASE call a freeze to Culture & Sport Glasgow’s expansion throughout Scotland, EMAIL opposition GCC Councillors and MSPs.

You can contact your Councillors and MSPs here:

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