Anger is the most common response to the court case ruling, but not surprise.

Ian Hamilton writes: “Think on this. Every political institution in Scotland has been created by the English Parliament. What it creates it can take away. This applies not only to Holyrood but to the whole framework of our local government. It applies to every function we hold jointly with England. They have the say. We have permission to agree.

We have just seen how it applies to the BBC. We are a democracy but the state broadcasting system elects to give a voice only to the Unionists. This is manifestly unfair. Yet the Court must administer the law as it is handed down from England. Our say is silence.

Do not think I exaggerate. The BBC is only one example. In a private debate on Calman I heard an English academic say blandly that the Scotland Act would be repealed if Scotland successfully insisted in an international court that it was Scotland’s oil. This would mean that Holyrood would cease to exist. Let us prepare for civil disobedience.” For more on this go here.

Joan McAlpine writes on Go Lassie Go: “The attitude of the BBC, the court and Ofcom tells us everything we need to know about Scotland’s ranking within the UK. “You are a minority so you will never, ever, have parity”. So what is the point of the union? What exactly do we get out of it? Let’s remember this next time we are told how influential Scotland is within the UK parliament. It is only influential when Labour are in power and their unscrupulous Scottish members line up to impose unpopular legislation on England, such as foundation hospitals and tuition fees.

So, perhaps we get some crumbs in return. Is that what we want? Handouts? My main criticism of the SNP campaign in this general election is that it is too low key and modest. I don’t want “influence”. I want self-determination. Real self-determination. Given the ruthlessness displayed by the British state over this broadcasting affair, I am with the former party deputy leader Jim Sillars. Let us not delude ourselves, asking for concessions. Only independence will give Scotland true parity with its larger neighbour. This campaign should have been used to build the case for that. ”

I think its too early for recriminations. The fact is that the BBC has alienated a substantial part of the Scottish public with what is perceived as their undemocratic and charter-busting stance.

While the damage this does to the SNP in the current election is deplorable, I can’t help thinking that the longer term and more substantial damage has been sustained by the BBC or, as many people now see it, the English Broadcasting Company. This, with thanks to Michael Greenwell for reminding us…

Let’s not give in . This is old media command and control versus social media where we are in charge. Use #scotlandspeaks to promote the alternative voice from Scotland. This is not instead of civil disobedience but a prelude to it.

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