#scotlandspeaks again

What’s being billed as ‘the last debate’ takes place tonight. No, I know there are other debates in ‘the regions’ but they were put there just as a pretence of parity so we don’t mention them.

Tonight is the most important because it is the BBC – we pay for this!

Jeff at Tactical Voting has these kind words: “There is also the comfort of knowing that the BBC Scottish Debate is still to come and minds can still be changed. Also from a Scottish context, I daresay Bella Caledonia’s impressive #scotlandspeaks campaign will be in full flow tonight on Twitter and elsewhere as it was in the past two debates.”

To take part just Twitter your protest adding  #scotlandspeaks to your tweet. We create a network that can’t be banned or silenced.

Read a background on the campaign here.

Join the SNPs Facebook group here.

Read this hilarious p*sh here and leave a message or suggestion at Iain Dale.

Tactical Voting Guide here.

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  1. The UK Elections are ALWAYS biased in favour of the UK parties however these TV debates have brought the issue into sharp focus. It shows that if the Union continues Scotland will remain invisible not only internationally but within the internal UK TV setup. No party which operates only in Scotland – no matter how successful – could ever appear in these debates. English parties if they get big enough have a chance because England has something like 85% of the total MPs. This size difference is what makes the union ultimately unfair. England is just too big to share sovereignty with the other countries.

  2. R Bell says:

    For what it’s worth “Questiontime” in Birmingham following the debate was much better, with both Alex Salmond and Janet Street-Porter making good points.

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