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Letter To George Osbourne

Chancellor of the Exchequer
11 Downing Street

24th June 2010

Dear George Osbourne

It has come to my attention that while many of my friends and I were at the funeral of our good friend Paul Reekie (aged 48) it would appear that you were giving a speech in Parliament announcing your intentions to slash the benefits paid to the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

I thought I would let you know that Paul took his own life last week. He didn’t leave a note but he laid out two letters on his table. One was notifying him that his housing benefit had been stopped. The other was notifying him that his incapacity benefit had been stopped. Unlike you and your fellow upper class ponces Paul was a creative genius and much loved by all who knew him.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this letter is just so you know the human cost of attacking those on benefits. And also to let you know that if you are ever in Edinburgh, and we have the misfortune to meet, I’d like to kick your fucking cunt in.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Williamson

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  1. Robert King says:

    And I will hold Kevin’s coat, hand it back to him and then merrily stamp such a fuckhead like you into oblivion.

  2. David Mullen says:


    You’re absolutely spot on about Osbourne. I don’t know who makes my skin crall more, him or Michael Gove.

    I don’t imagine that you’ll get a response from him,but you’ll probably get nicked under the terrorism act if he does come to Edinburgh.


  3. John Paul says:

    Hiya Kevin,

    After the grief comes the anger.

    Did you actually put a letter in the post to No 11 ; if so MI5, MI6 and MI fucking 7 will be kicking your door down very soon. Or at least they will monitor your published texts like they did in ‘The Lives of Others’. Or, this could cause a shit storm in the press.

    Yours Aye,


  4. bellacaledonia says:

    JP – Yes the letter was sent. But I doubt if the authorities will give a fuck. The letter will have been binned and forgotten. Thats the way they do things. Impervious to the human cost so ong as their rich buddies dont have to fork out for their own fuckups. I doubt too whether it will be commented upon any further. Those with power dont give a toss. Its all about the budget deficit you see, it must be cut. Why? Dont ask why just take their word for it. (‘But in Venezeula they make the corporations pay for the economic crisis they created, rather than the poor.’ ‘Well go fuck off to Venezuela then.’). The reality is that Paul’s gone and its you and me and Rab and everyone who knew Paul who are left hsaking our heads in disbelief. Its even worse when you consider that there will be loads more folk in Paul’s shoes over the coming years trying to cope with unemployment, depression, house respossions and stress.


    1. debbie says:

      could agree more with you, the government r a bunch of upperclass tyrants who have no idea what real life and real people are, they make me sick listenin to the bullshit they all spout from their million pound homes!! how can they possibly understand the worries of normal people, have any of them had to worry bout having enough money to look after themselves, have they had to count penny by penny while buying food? no they fuckin havent, would love to see the millionaires who run our country try to live on what we have to, just for a month, and see how they cope, torie scum being propped up by a bunch of lib dem weasles!!!!!

  5. depressed says:

    Have you tried sending the letter to all the press? To see if they all (which I expect they will) ignore it?

    I to have the similar letters, housing benefit stopped, income support stopped, incapacity benefit stopped….

    Re MI5 etc, doubt they would be contacted, they are far more likely to pass the details onto FTAC, so if you are called into your GP’s – it may be because FTAC (fixated threat assessment unit) have had your details passed onto them. Be wary, they can have people held without charge for any length of time, simply by saying your a risk to a VIP…

    It is disgraceful the way they are treating people.

    Do you have any more details about how he was denied his incapacity benefit, can you find a copy of his medical report (or ask someone to obtain a copy) – as it would shed light on the matter, it is highly likely to be full of innacuracies and lies (by the ATOS examiner/LIMA software used)

    The system is evil, corrupt, and the media do not care, the government do not care, and lots of the public do not care, in fact, they think people on incapacity are faking it…

  6. ally robson says:

    How can we harness this rage ?
    I knew Paul a little,from various performances, and from Robbies Bar, where I was always trying to give him his Thursdays/ Fast EP, which I had a copy of, . For some reason he didn’t want it ? … i digress
    I’m 48, I’m on incapacity and housing benefit…and I am expecting my letter(s) any day. I just hope that I can find the strength to wreak havoc before I even consider anything else.
    It really is disgusting what is going on at the moment, kicking people while they are down, on the presumption that they are “cheats”.
    Then there’s this concept of us all “being in it together”, in this time of cutbacks.
    I’m not claiming to have reached any higher level of consciousness, but David Cameron doesn’t even look human to me. None of them do !
    As i said, I am so angry, and want to direct this anger at the right targets.
    Anger is Holy
    Anger is an Energy.

  7. Not pussyfooting about benefits , make them all subject to the tax codeing system so that the better off do not benefit from a tax free benefit, as the state pension is also subject to tax.

    1. Edward says:

      The state pension is subject to tax. It uses up most of your tax fee allowance so if you have income on top of state pension, it will nearly all have tax deducted.

    2. Edward says:

      Btw stumbled on this thread ‘ cos I Googled “George Osborne is a twat”!

      1. lao says:

        me too

  8. David says:

    Let`s hope Cameron, Osborne, Duncan Smith and Clegg get what they deserve: public humiliation, followed by ostracism, leading to a miserable life and ultimately suicide.

    `Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.`

    This government is sadistic in a way that only Thatcher could have been.

  9. Hi I really don’t know what to say except R.I.P. Paul Reekie. I never knew you but I can understand why you done what you done. I’m in the same position myself as are many others. Makes me even sicker than I already am having to deal with this shit.

    I recorded a so called back to work interview I had in Bridgeton Job Centre in Glasgow last week. Didnt matter how many times I told them that I felt unwell and couldn’t continue with the interview all they could say was “if you dont “want” to continue with this interview then its your choice”

    I have lost most of my friends or all of them, not even sure because none of them take the time to contact me except one of them a couple of weeks ago who dropped by but having an invisible illness Ive probably now lost another one, no support or understanding from anyone in my family, my mother seems to do everything she can to make me feel worse and my daughter has now moved out. Tried to get help from everywhere including social services, citizens advice, doctors the list is endless and Im still in the same situation I have been in in the last month, no ESA no nothing!

  10. Avalon Chick says:

    I’m a disabled Scot living in Soth West England at the mo. Just stumbled upon this post whilst doing research for my site where I’m trying to put together some resources for other disabled folk in the UK to get them through the Work Capability Assessment and the appeal/tribunal processes. I’m exhausted a lot of the time but it’s tough and every few days or so I feel like giving up. I’ve been through the WCA, ended up at tribunal and won. It almost killed me though and I’m due for review again. I don’t think I have the strength to do it again. It’s inevitable though, with the welfare reform’s removal of people on Incapacity Benefit and onto Employment Support Allowance makes it so. The pilot is happening next month and gradually rolling out to the rest of the country.

    I feel for Paul and know the defeat he must have felt before he decided he’d had enough. It’s a pity his case couldn’t have been highlighted a bit more. Bless him.

    ~ Ebs.

  11. Martin says:

    Psychopaths should not hold government posts.

    A psychopath is concerned with self-interest and has no conscience or remorse.

    George Osbourne is a psychopath and therefore bereft of compassion. He is a total c*** devoid of integrity.

  12. peter powell says:

    yes the tory front bench are a bunch of 18th century fops.The ‘big society’,concept is class ridden and nasty.

  13. John McArdle says:

    When we march on London this Saturday 26th March 2011, we march for you Paul.


    John McArdle
    On behalf of
    Black Triangle
    Anti-Defamation Campaign
    In Defence of Disabled Claimants

  14. Calvin Smith says:

    Hi, thank you for publishing the letter,
    I know there are many others who share the sentiments expressed.
    I am about to embark on this rocky road of disability claiming.
    I am uncertain of the future, but I do not think the coalition can stand.
    I think the country will revolt.
    Were it within my power the entire cabinet would be before the Haig, along with their predecessors for crimes against humanity.
    Justice will out, I hope I survive until then .

  15. gary dow says:

    It is sad to see that a so called civilised socity as ours treats the disabled people like the Germans did when they tried to extinguish the disabled, Jews and Jehovah’s Witnesses and other minorities.

    Will we not learn from our mistakes and start treating others with the dignity that they deserve.

    PCS as a union stand firm against the governemnt cuts that are being made which marganalise and victimice the most needy in society.

    Yes there is an alternative and we need to close the tax gap and bring in legislation that stops companies like Boots and Top Shop and Vodafone from avoiding tax in this country whilst the Tory Taliban in power with their yellow life vests punish the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

    RIP Paul Reekie sadly your are not the only victim of society but hope you find peace in the after life.

  16. IainMoris says:

    Arbeit macht frei
    From the sign above Auschwitz,and other Nazi concentration camps. It means “work makes you free”
    Ian Duncan Smith, announcing his planned benefit cuts, told us that the free ride was over for benefits claimants, and that “Work would help set us free”
    Those of us who remember the struggles of the Poor and Oppressed during the Tyranical Reign of Thatcher will be all too familiar with the current government policies of further empowering the rich at the expense of the taxpayer, whilst persuing their hidden manifesto of further eroding and privatising cuts to our services.
    I didn’t know Paul, but I am sorry to hear of his passing. I have, however, known people in dire situations who have been failed by governments of both colours who are no longer here and I, too, have had to mourn the passing of a friend.
    As for change? It seems as though most of the country believe the lies peddled by the press about the current economic situation, and support cuts, in whatever form, no matter who they hit. For example, ask any Sun reader about the inquiry by Lord Justice Leveson, they have no idea. ARISE!

  17. Ben says:

    ATOS say I am fit for work.

    My GP, my MH team, CAB, a close friend who is also an employer, and many others say differently, but guess who this idiotic government believes?

    I went to university, I worked hard and I got a job. Then I had a MH collapse. Now, I’m a “problem”.

    RIP Mr. Reekie – May the loss for those who knew and loved you not ever be in vain,

    ATOS Out Now!

  18. Maureen says:

    I didn’t know Mr Reekie personally, but I did include his story in a response to the proposed Housing Benefit changes a while back. I have clients who are desperate about the changes to the ESA medical and Housing Benefit

  19. Shirley says:

    I get made redundant in a week. I have had lots of interviews, but no job offers. My disability means I can only work part time, the pain and exhaustion prevent me working full time. I’ve worked for local government for almost 31 years, and will receive just over £7000 in redundancy pay. The only way I’ve been able to work is to do nothing the rest of the week, have little or no social life, and rely on other people to support me. I expect to have a very challenging time when I try to claim JSA or ESA next week, I may well have to ask someone to come with me to support me.
    I’m not surprised that Mr Reekie killed himself, but saddened by it; the stress this government is choosing to cause disabled people is just terrible.

  20. s magoo says:

    i am very confussed by the mixed messages the goverment are giving people.
    my G.P and many others are soon to be given the responsabilty of helping to run the NHS service.
    but surley if this goverment dont think that G.P’s are qualified to determin a patient fit for work or not, then should we be trusting them to take on a larger roll in the running of the NHS

  21. Mike O'Doom says:

    “There is eloquence in screaming” – Patrick Jones

    Despite the awful, crushing sadness of its origins, there is a beauty and purity in righteous anger of this sort.
    The state maintains due to the maxim that “might is right”, whatever the veneer of democracy fools us into believing (if you don’t believe that, then just try to test the bounds of its might, as recent demonstrators/activists have).
    It’s about time that the government started to fear it’s citizens… if it disapproves of us then perhaps it could elect a new citizenry.
    Without the support of my parents I would probably be homeless, or dead, since suffering from M.E. What humane being could not only support such a dehumanising system, but seek to replace it with an even worse one.
    May demons feast on their worthless carcasses for eternity.

  22. Jo says:

    It brought tears to my eyes reading this letter and the following comments. I can’t begin to understand what any of you are going through. I just wanted to leave a message firstly to send my deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Paul Reekie. may he rest in peace, and secondly just to say I don’t want any being on this planet to ever feel alone, to ever feel any misery and to ever be discriminated against. Sadly as a student all I can do is study as hard as possible to do everything I can to change this, and to offer any of you friendship should you need it. Please send me an email if you have nobody else, I have time for every single person on this planet (bar Osbourne, Clegg and Cameron amongst ideological others) 😉

    Best wishes,


  23. Eleanor says:

    I keeping paying more and more tax these days to this fucking Tory government and the cunts are cutting benefits to those in need, who the fuck is getting my Tax money. (R.I.P. Paul Reekie)

  24. ally robson says:

    It’s almost 3 years on since this began and it’s all getting worse for a lot of people. The recent benefit changes have had a lot of organisations coming out in protest, but apparently to no avail. Even how these protests are broadcast on the main News channels seems to imply that the protests are in vain. That’s a bad sign.
    The current Tory concept of “fairness” seems to involve the premise that somebody in work should not be as “well off” (!) as somebody on benefits. I agree with that premise, but for me the solution is to increase the basic wage of those people in work, not to denegrate and demonise the claimants. i think i have tryed to express my idea as clearly and politely as I can, but inside, my soul is screaaming “THESE MILLIONAIRES ARE TOTAL CUNTS”.
    Hey! Thatcher just died. She had few “evil” policies put forward in her time, but I suppose it is possible that within herself, that she genuinely believed she was doing the right thing, but failed to see a bigger picture that encompassed compassion.

    I live my life around this speech from MARIO SAVIO 1964

    “We’re human beings!
    There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part! You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels…upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!”

  25. ally robson says:

    A further 3 years on and things have unbelievably taken a huge turn for the worst.
    Even with the House of Lords voting against it twice, and many(not enough) of their own party against it the First have used a twister procedural clause to push through the £30 cut to ESA. Totally mistaken, malicious and deplorable decision.
    The economics are simply no justification to this. As a doctor I heard about once said, “What’s £30 anyway ?…… a lunch.”
    It’s that inability to see beyond their educated, but off course thinking that displays their innate cruelty.
    Perhaps, it’s simply genetics and they are in fact better than us , but they don’t have the balls to say it out right. They have slowly perpectuated the myth of the benefit cheat to tempt us all into a similar cruelty.
    I now have friends who think they are being very clever in going along with this scum scam in the self belief that they are not being liberally clichéd.
    It’s a clever trick, and they won’t be friends for long.

  26. ally robson says:

    sorry about the spelling mistakes above, this Tablet is bollocks.

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