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Please don’t kill the cute little Japanese babies

There’s a fascinating award-winning documentary being screened on More 4 tonight which will be of particular interest to those who find Japanese people adorable, relatively smart, and hilarious when they perform tricks.

It may come as a surprise to some people but there are countries where performing Japs are still exhibited in freak shows. While some of us are uneasy about watching Nipponese circus clowns do complicated sums that they can’t possibly know the answer to we still cheer when they get them right. And we nod approvingly when their trainers throw them raw fish to eat as a reward.

But there’s a dark side to these popular exhibitions. For every smart Japanese circus person who can eke out a living doing sums on demand there are literally tens of thousands of incredibly stupid ones who can’t even get past the Banzai 11-plus. Their fate has been covered up for years. Until now.

Japanese babies clinically proven to be a bit thick are having their skulls opened by electric chain saws and their malformed pink brains scooped out while they are still alive. These under-achieving but apparently succulent Japanese child-brains are then served up in speciality restaurants all around the world. Some of the wealthier patrons are even paying extra to have the chain-saw thing done at their table.

This raises some ethical questions that can’t be ducked.  While most people think the small furry inbred creatures had it coming to them for wandering politely into child-catcher nets we all need reminding this is the 21st century and a much more enlightened, and dare I say humane, approach to killing Japs is long overdue.

Make up your own mind. Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove, will be on More4 tonight at 10pm.


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  1. John Boettcher says:

    Unfortunately, I will be unable to watch The Cove tonight without being physically sick with shock, horror and rage.

    I feel my stomach churning at the thought of the documentary.

    Hopefully some people who will be able to watch the barbarism will do something about it.

    John Boettcher

  2. Scunnert says:

    You winding me up?

    1. John Boettcher says:

      Em, no – if that question was in response to my post.

      I know very well what “The Cove” is about.


  3. Nicole says:

    You cant be serious…honestly? Seriously? How to I access this documentary? You have to be speaking tongue in cheek…it cant be real, can it? I know the chinese do this with monkeys at their tables in restaurants, but surely no-one does this to humans???

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