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  1. Adios Kermit says:

    The first rat to jump from the sinking Labour ship?

  2. George Mackin says:

    Ahm really trying to be fair and honest and objective about politicians despite all my feelings of anger and powerlessness but she is rather annoying, is she not.

    What motivates people to enter politics.? What motivates Wendy( she is obviously along with wee Dougie clever) but what is going on in her head at night. As for ripping Scotland out the Union surely that is the wrong end of the telescope – it is about smashing the hated British State. I love the bring it on clip rewind.

  3. Tocasaid says:

    Is she going before another scandal breaks?

  4. Robbie says:

    Wendy is leaving politics to spend more time with her kids?
    Aye right!!!!!!
    Normal people go back to work when their kids start school , Wendy seems to have it the wrong way round or is this just another pathetic excuse from labours dodgy donation recipient.

  5. John Ferguson says:

    Over the years Wendy has given me (and i’m sure many others) much entertainment even better with sound off. I for one will miss her kisser

  6. Robbie says:

    Aye, her comical coupon will be missed right enough.

  7. David McCann says:

    Surely she didn’t get her printing done at friendly Labour printerArmstrong Printing!

  8. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

    Diva dashed on the rocks of her hubris – perhaps pushed rather than jumped? Or has she the nous to leg it because other things are afoot?

    To paraphrase Private Eye, “I think we should be told” (although that is almost certainly unlikely given the craven condition of the Scottish MSM).

  9. Vronsky says:

    @David McCann
    What cynics we are – that was my immediate reaction. And what a delightfully ambiguous little encomium from Alex Salmond: “the most intellectually substantial figure in the Parliamentary Labour Party in Scotland”. Indeed she was – not counting the cat, of course.

  10. Sophia Pangloss says:

    Thanks Bella, that wee clip fair brightened up ma mornin. As Robbie says above, whit Maw works through her bairns’ first five years, then gies up her job jist as they start school? That makes as much sense as the rest o her decisions ah suppose…

    There’s mair tae this than meets the een, an ah jist hope that puir cat gets oot the bag. Ah’m sure Wendy wid agree – “Bring it on!”

  11. Dougie Strang says:

    Wendy Alexander can be criticised for many things, but to slag her for her looks, Robbie and John, does you no credit and is a disservice to this website. I thought Bella was about raising the standard of debate. Let’s not resort to the tactics of the gutter press.

    1. Robbie says:


      Behave, chill out man,

  12. Crazy Daisy says:

    She won’t be missed, Mrs Average,I wonder how many constituents she genuinely helped in her short and unremarkable political career?

    I smell a rat and the new No.10 cat is too geographically displaced to catch it, or should that be cat shit?!

    The truth will out, sadly we’ll hae tae wait fur Wikileaks!

  13. bellacaledonia says:

    Dougie I remember Donald Dewar being lampooned for being a langky speccy guy, Neil Kinnock for being a freckly-Ginger, people frequently make reference to Salmonds girth. None of this is very big or clever but you could argue it would be sexist not to pass comment on Wendys looks. It’s part of the knockabout of politics for which she was very poorly equipped. We were and are asked to treat her with kid gloves. Why?

  14. Dougie Strang says:

    Fair enough, and I’ve no wish to be priggish; but, personally, I still think it undermines the debate. As for her politics: off wi’ the kid gloves! After “Bring it On” she deserves all the criticism and satire we can muster.

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