The Scotsman makes the alternative case to Independence

This morning’s edition of The Scotsman newspaper puts the economic case for Scotland staying in the union.  It’s not a very strong case it has to be said. There are certainly a few flaws in the logic.

Can we expect to see some of these snappy Scotsman soundbites on election material from the three unionist parties?

“SCOTTISH households are facing five more years of economic misery due to soaring mortgage payments and a dramatic increase in the cost of living, a leading economist has warned.”

“…home-owners in Scotland were facing a massive hike in mortgage payments this year if an expected increase in interest rates was approved by the Bank of England.”

“…the typical UK household would need to spend an extra £1,360 a year to maintain their standard of living compared with this time last year.”

“…spiralling mortgage repayments, depressed wages and other increased costs of living could be a “permanent” fixture in Scotland for at least five years.”

“I can’t see any reasons for optimism and in the short run it doesn’t look good.”

THE SCOTSMAN  (17th FEB 2011)


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  1. George Mackin says:

    Grim times indeed if we let them get away with it.

  2. Tocasaid says:

    Was it another gem from David Maddox (no comments permitted)?

    That’s it in a nutshell though. The slums of Glasgow and damp caravans in the Highlands are proof that continuous Labour/Tory rule from London has failed. Whereas, the success of community buyouts in the Highlands and Islands is a glimpse of what can be achieved when we’re allowed to do it ourselves.

  3. Its a pity the Scotsman missed out on:

    The amazing gain of over 10% points the SNP have made since the last IPSO Mori poll had them heading for defeat.

    The Elmer’s rating as a leader is now -1% in the same poll.

    200 new jobs at Prestwick Airport.

    Then there is the wee problem that Wendy’s Calman stitch up is in breach of the people of Scotland’s sovereignty in so many ways as it attempts to remove our freedoms, rights, laws and liberties ensured for all time by the Treaty of Union by giving Westminster sovereignty over Scotland but of course, the shafting of Scotland by the Union is not news in the Scotsman, its normal practice.

  4. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

    A once reasonably worthy Home Rule publication reduced to a quisling rag. Tragic.

    With some honourable exceptions, to be an MSM print or other journalist in Scotland today is to be a propagandist in the Goebbels mould or, at least, akin to a functionary in George Orwell’s 1984 Ministry of Truth. Independent and critical free-thinkers? Their collective arse.

  5. Kevin says:

    The truly impressive thing is the MSM have thrown everything they could think of at the Scottish government for the last four years but none of it has dented the net support for either the SNP or Alex Salmond.

    I dont doubt that virulent media propaganda is effective when it comes to whipping up fear in a time of confusion or conflict but it would apoear that Scots retain a much more independent state of mind than many give credit for.

  6. Steve says:

    TBF, The Scotsman today is having a laugh at the Gray man’s invisibility with the electorate- prepare to be scapegoated, Iain!

    I think the SNP win in 2007 might not have happened without the euphoria surrounding the property boom and massive public spending. The current gloom reprises Jim Murphy’s “arc of insolvency” rhetoric- which had a pretty powerful effect. The fact that voting defensively for Labour in May 2010 failed to stop the Tory cuts might make some vote more positively in May 2011. We can but hope.

  7. Vronsky says:

    Of course the Scotsman is correct, and the Union has been completely successful. The Union was conceived for the protection of a ruling class, its crowns and its half-crowns, and this it has done. Any benefit which might at any point have accrued to Scotland was merely accidental, a sort of benign collateral damage. The Union is a pillar supporting an ornate ceiling above many important heads, and it must not be allowed to fall. The increasingly comical posturing of the MSM will be replaced by firmer scaffolding if the need arises. Ach, we’ve had their tanks in the street before.

  8. George Mackin says:

    Vronsky mate.

    The Union is a pillar supporting an ornate ceiling above many important heads
    Superb- remind me to steal that one if I can remember it! A Baroque ceiling at that, all done in the best and most pompous taste.

    As my old Lefty pal used to say the British State unites the ruling class and divides the working class. Ever thus.

  9. R Bell says:

    It’s going to be grim if we stay in the UK, so what’s the difference?

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