This morning’s edition of The Scotsman newspaper puts the economic case for Scotland staying in the union.  It’s not a very strong case it has to be said. There are certainly a few flaws in the logic.

Can we expect to see some of these snappy Scotsman soundbites on election material from the three unionist parties?

“SCOTTISH households are facing five more years of economic misery due to soaring mortgage payments and a dramatic increase in the cost of living, a leading economist has warned.”

“…home-owners in Scotland were facing a massive hike in mortgage payments this year if an expected increase in interest rates was approved by the Bank of England.”

“…the typical UK household would need to spend an extra £1,360 a year to maintain their standard of living compared with this time last year.”

“…spiralling mortgage repayments, depressed wages and other increased costs of living could be a “permanent” fixture in Scotland for at least five years.”

“I can’t see any reasons for optimism and in the short run it doesn’t look good.”

THE SCOTSMAN  (17th FEB 2011)