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A Parting Hymn: Lies, Deceit and the Death of the Labour Party

Thanks to Michael Greenwell who sent us this link. The film was made by former members of the Labour Party, the typos are all theirs.


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  1. Ian Hamilton says:

    Thank you Bella Caledonia for A Parting Hymn. Lies, Deceit and the Death of the Labour Party

    It’s hard to remember that there was once a time when people lived by principle and not greed. The sooner we are out of it and can start afresh the better for us all.

    Ian Hamilton

  2. Ah, the old ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ myth and well put Ian Hamilton.

  3. Vronsky says:

    It’s a little long and preachy. The narrator brings a whole new depth of meaning to the word ‘monotone’.

  4. The irony of Brian Cox narrating their PPB at 2 minutes…

  5. Tocasaid says:

    Adios enemigos…

  6. IanH says:

    Good to be reminded of the scale of the betrayal

  7. Tony Hammond says:

    Ther Labour party went much further than Thatcherism outlined here.

    The very outer fringe view of neo-liberalism says that production and profits of the world will be optimal only if people are free to migrate from areas where wages are low to areas where wages are high. This leads to a policy of mass immigration which is what we have got with New Labour and the public sector unions who fund it.

    Thatcher would not go this far, she summed up the lunacy of a British person competeing for housing with the rest of the world in thier own country. She may not have known it, but in economic science this is known as the ‘Tradegy of the Commons’ (Hardon 1968).

    Labour have unleashed policies which directly results in the very worse results, falling living standards, falling share of national income, falling birthrates, falling opportunities, for the labour factor of production, because Labour is now a commons – i.e. employers can simpy import cleaners etc.. at will without paying any of the social costs.

  8. Claire says:

    Hi – just a wee (or massive) correction. None of the makers are former members of the Labour Party.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Sorry if this was posted in error Clare, help us correct it?

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