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Justice, Tory-style

This piece of shit got four years for distributing 100,000 child porn photos of children being sexually abused.

BBC News – Facebook child abuse images ringleader jailed

“These are real children who are abused in order to satisfy the sexual pleasures of you and those who you seek to communicate with.”

Four years is the same sentence as the daft laddie who set up a Facebook riot page – a riot that no one turned up to.

If this angers you please take a few minutes to write to that other piece of shit – David Cameron, c/o 10 Downing Street, Londinium, England – and let him, and his dissent-suppressing paedophile-friendly government, know your thoughts on the matter.


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  1. Sannymac says:

    We are talking about excrement in both cases. The two idiots who called for riots on Facebook got the punishment they deserved. More importantly this sentence will send out a clear message to others who want to stir up trouble, which can result in deaths.
    In the case of the paedophiles the sentence was too easy. A long harsh sentence in a tough prison as ‘entertainment’ fo the old lags then total castration before they leave prison. As in G&S let the punishment fit the crime!

  2. dlgrant422 says:

    Castration doesn’t work, unless you desire it to satisfy a sense of revenge or to ‘make each prisoner pent unwillingly represent source of innocent merriment’ (to expand on your G&S reference).
    Chemical castration is now legal in several American states, but studies show that it is ineffective (see below). A fallacy is that many people believe that most criminals can be “reformed” into responsible members of society. However, prison overcrowding has made the original idea of a “Penitentiary” (key word, Penitence), impossible to achieve in reality. Prisoners are often victimized and become more hardened criminals whilst in custody.
    We need to alter the way our prisons for violent criminals are built and operated: All cells should be solitary, and only basic human rights met. No television, no socialization, no access to the outside world, no drugs, no “time off for good behaviour” or “early parole.” Sentences should be served without distraction, so that the “penitent” has no choice but to focus on why they have been removed from society. Counseling and psychiatric care can be administered, but not with the aim of reforming a criminal, but to bring them to a state of mind where they can accept responsibility for their actions.

    ‘Depo-Provera is ineffective and will not prevent molestation. Forced castration may have the adverse affect of angering a criminal, increasing his violent tendencies and lead to additional sexual abuse. Additionally, Depo-Provera is reversible. Therefore, unless injections are mandatory and monitored, pedophiles will not be “cured” by the drug therapy. The child molester will have renewed sexual fantasies and high levels of testosterone if the injections are discontinued. Joseph Frank Smith, a convicted child molester, became an advocate for chemical castration after undergoing the therapy in the 1980s. Smith stopped using the injections in 1989. In 1999, he was convicted for molesting a five-year old girl and immediately returned to prison.’
    – Katherine Amlin, 2002. Chemical Castration: The Benefits and Disadvantages Intrinsic to Injecting Male Pedophiliacs with Depo-Provera.
    Also see:
    1) Castration Works, an article by Susan Feinstein for 212.net regarding the implications of chemical castration on pedophiles.
    2) Chemical Castration Law May Backfire, Experts Warn, an article off the ACLU Newswire from September 18, 1996.
    3) Convict Who Had Chemical Castration Gets 40 Years For New Sexual Attack, the Roswell Daily Record Online, February 4, 1999.
    4) Is Chemical Castration an Acceptable Punishment For Male Sex Offenders, by LaLaurine Hayes for the online database “Sex Crimes, Punishment and Therapy” constructed by students in a Psychology course at California State University Northridge.
    5) High Testosterone Levels Linked to Crimes of Sex, Violence, Volume 1 No. 3, 1995, pg. 2.
    6) Repeat Sexual Offenders Must Face Chemical Castration, an article
    prepared by Crystal Hutchinson, a student at Monroe Community College in New
    York State.
    7) Chemical Castration: A Strange Cure for Rape, from the Kudzu Monthly, an e-zine popular among the
    Southern States.
    8)Dr. Robert Girard, in a scientific study on factors that contribute to criminal conduct, in an article by Susan Feinstein chronicling the effects of chemical castration as posted on 212.net.

    1. sannymac says:

      I agree that prison should be tough and hard. Just like the military prison of my early days of service in 1951 to 1960. I never met any one who wanted to go back, even after only 90days. As for castration I mean cut the lot off. any further abuse, then hang them as unfit for human company.
      We sincerely need to get rid of the do-gooders and make prison so tough that offenders won’t want a return visit.

  3. Michael Gardiner says:


    Writing things down is not the same as causing physical hurt (though it’s an easy mistake to make in a country with no constitution). Surveillance state at its most warped. Gone beyond the early-New-Labour toothache-type misery and has its head in the total instrumentalist policing of communication. Seriously. The Brits need to put down their Guardians and work this shit out.

    Sannymac, you’re not on the Daily Mail.

    1. sannymac says:

      Why should I be?

  4. Ray Bell says:

    A Chinese delivery driver was murdered in Edinburgh last year, in an unprovoked attack, and the murderer was given five years.

    This goes to prove the complete inconsistency of UK sentencing. In my view the guy who murdered the delivery driver should have been given a far harsher sentence, and the Facebook “rioter” far less.

    This is without going into the complete ineffectiveness of the UK justice system in preventing crime, punishing crime, stopping repeat offending, punishing corrupt politicians (like Devine) and white collar crooks.

  5. sannymac says:

    I’m pushing 80 so I’ve been around a lot longer than most of the other commentators. ad an oldie I remember the days of hangings and the effect they had on the general public. I don’t fully agree with hanging except is severe circumstances where previous incarceration has had no effect.
    In the case of deliberate murder then life in prison should be the starting point but reduced to take account of the specific circumstances. As we have so many unemployed who pick up a healthy income from the taxpayer, why not give them a job building new prisons to be run by government staff not private Coys to make a profit.

  6. Sannymac,could you show me some examples of the “so many unemployed who pick up a healthy income from the taxpayer” please? As Michael Gardiner says “Sannymac,you’re not on the Daily Mail”! It would appear that you actually believe all the reactionary nonsense spouted by the right wing media!

  7. Barney says:

    Gilbert and Sullivan, eh?

    1. Politics
    2. Sexual revenge sentencing

    1. On a cloth untrue
    2. With a twisted cue and elliptical billiard balls

  8. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

    Back to pre-Dickensian reaction and the blatant whoring of the “Law” in favour of vested interests: A feudal and then, later, penal colony and burning of petty “witches” pre-interlude, gangster hanging judge approach by the sullied judiciaries of these isles.

    Upper class and petit bourgeois mob mentality strong-armed through their enforcers on the benches of these respective judiciaries.

    What the people of England choose to do about their domestic infamies is their domestic and, hopefully, democratic business; but, I, respectfully, suggest Scotland needs a root and branch review of our own system by neutral, international, legal scholars under the guidance of the appropriate UN rapporteur in conjunction with the Council of Europe for there seems to be moral turpitude and pro-active evil now systemic in our system (this is not an argument for the English Supreme Court, but one of our own consisting of Impartial Scots judges and a pool of their peers from other global jurisdictions as a check and balance).

    Hell’s teeth, what a shambles.

  9. By all means write to David Cameron, but lets not pretend that ALL of the mainstream political parties have played a part in the Hollie Greig scandal.
    Why was Hollie, who has Downs Syndrome, awarded £13,500 from Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, when no-one was charged with any crime ?
    Why did Grampian Police fail to even interview alleged members of a paedophile ring ?
    Why did Grampian Police initiate the forcible sectioning of Hollie’s mother shortly after the paedophile ring allegations were made ?
    Why is investigative journalist Robert Green facing criminal charges of Breach of the Peace for attempting to publicise this case ?
    There are many, many other unanswered questions relating to this most disturbing case.

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