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Inspiring Capital

Auld Reekie’s catchphrase is, I think, a throwback to the golden age (about 7 years ago) when the city’s financial elite (let’s be polite) were in  more ebullient mood. Few of them had been sacked or exposed as racketeers. Fred the Shred was still getting by on a modest salary and talk was of a ‘financial district’. Presumably about this time someone paid someone to come up with this lovely logo (super-clever pun and all).

So far so good. So just HOW inspiring is our capital city? Thankfully someone has judged it useful to email me Councillor Jenny Dawe’s ‘Leaders’ Report. Jenny (surely posing as a Dan Clowes character) writes updating us of our fair city’s ‘progress’:

“My report provides information on a range of Neighbourhood initiatives and improvements to play facilities and equipment in Corstorphine and Sighthill/Murrayburn.

Over the summer the city hosted a number of important events. I have included information on National Armed Forces Weekend 2011, the other “Royal Wedding”, the Touch Rugby World Cup and the Golden Oldies Hockey Festival. In addition you will find updates on other projects and initiatives and details on some of the awards and successes that have been recorded recently.

I do hope that you find this report interesting. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have suggestions or comments that you think could improve how the Council operates, or if you simply wish to offer your views on any matter. ”

How inspiring is that?!I’m thinking of investing a couple of hundred telly’s fresh up from Tottenham right now. Wow. Frankly, I’m overwhelmed Jenny. Yes we did find the report interesting. What other cities could possibly boast the Touch Rugby World Cup AND the Golden Oldies Hockey Festival.

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  1. James says:

    I’d bet anything she has a signed picture of Anne Widdecombe on her mantelpiece.

  2. Scottish republic says:

    “””What other cities could possibly boast the Touch Rugby World Cup AND the Golden Oldies Hockey Festival.””””””””

    I’m so proud.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      This from the city that brought us Hume, Stanton and Robert Louis Stevenson…

  3. Ard Righ says:

    Edinburgh, a bonny town, once led by the city fathers.

    The City of Edinburgh Council ?

    Competent ?
    Assertive ?
    Decisive ?
    Efficient ?
    Effective ?
    Value for Money ?

    None of the above.

    Dribbling, sedated, mentally challenged, buck passing, imbeciles. Genetic cul-de-sac. You could fire 95% of the staff and life in would run much smoother.

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