What are we reading at the moment? Each month we’ll be publishing a series of book, film and music reviews. If you want to write a review articles or send us books or albums to review, email us at: bellasletters (at) yahoo.co.uk

At the moment we’re reading…A History of the World Since 9/11 by Dominic Streatfield (brilliant), Jungle Capitalists by Peter Chapman, Futebol, the Brazilian way of Life by Alex Bellos (not new but great), Honey Money the power of erotic capital by Catherine Hakim (misunderstood), Believing in Britain the spiritual identity of Britishness (laughably bad), Pistoleros! the chronicles of Farquhar McHarg, and Trident and International Law: Scotland’s Obligations edited by Rebecca Johnson and Angie Zelter.

All are available to order from Word Power Books.

If you’ve got suggestions for what we should be reading or listening to or watching get in touch.