Empire State of Mind

These are the territories and countries that could never make it without England’s support.

They would fail.

They would fail.

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  1. A Marxist says:

    I despair of you people, I really do. Reams and reams and reams of poorly written, alternately xenophobic and then sentimental, always disingenuous, often historically illiterate, pro-SNP crap, masquerading as radical polemic. Take this tack and support for independence will not rise one iota I assure you (and I say this as one with a pragmatic preference for independence).

    1. Siôn Jones says:

      Calm down, dear! ! Mind your blood pressure.

      PS – new poll out today on C4 showing that support for independence is up again.

    2. Doug Daniel says:

      You realise, of course, that our “crap” is pro-independence, rather than pro-SNP?

      This is why the unionists will lose. They think they’re fighting a party, but it’s actually a movement. If you don’t understand what you’re fighting against, then how can you possibly win?

      Of course, it also doesn’t help that they don’t really know what they’re fighting for either…

    3. bellacaledonia says:

      How’s that Marxism going? (I say this as one with a pragmatic preference for socialism)

      1. chicmac says:

        Beat me to it 🙂

    4. I find it hilarious that this Empire Demon is SO long ago…as if we are dealing with fucking Brigadoon!

    5. The Nordic Celt says:

      Maybe that’s why we need Scottish Studies? 🙂

    6. Hen Broon says:

      This pro-SNP crap, as you sneer is really doing the business the trend line on the desire for independence rises day on day as does the membership of the SNP. it is the scaremongering now deployed by the unionist gang hut that is destroying there argument unable as they are to deploy one single positive case for remaining in this bloody union.

      Well done Gerry Loose.

  2. gerry loose says:

    and your Marxist stance is . . .?

  3. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    And Eire?

  4. Could our Marxist friend tell us which of those polities should return to the Empire?

  5. tartangladbach says:

    champagne socialists and now kitchen Marxists! the sound of panic running around the the labour dinner party set is quite deafening on the old ears ! the penny for many in the Scottish left has fortunately already dropped and many a bright “socialist” has woke up and smelt the coffee and can see clearly that the death rattle has already sounded for the so called “Scottish” labour party! …despite the Tom “king of the typewriter TV thing” Harris types going along with the delusional state of mind that somehow the SNP are an evil right wing paramilitary organisation with only a free calculator and a Corries playlist on their iTunes as policy? well!. if you ever want to see true social cohesion i think you should figure out that “big” government only ends up in bed with “big” business to the detrimental will of the people and if you ever want to see the people of Scotland get representation for their aspirations, then an organic state is the only way forward! come and join us you’ll be made welcome, and I’m sure you could contribute! but first Marxist? remove your head from your….

  6. Ray Bell says:

    Add to this list, Calais and France (Middle Ages), Israel/Palestine (enough said), Heligoland (“the Gibraltar of the North Sea), Vanuatu (New Hebrides), Tonga, Buenos Aires Province (briefly), Tibet (briefly under Col. Younghusband), ?Sikkim (annexed by India), Afghanistan (intermittently, some provinces annexed to British India), Iceland and the Faroes (in WWII), Fiji, Hawaii (briefly)

    If you’re talking the so called informal empire, this would include China, Argentina and Chile as well, at one point.

    The list is disorganised so I can’t check everything on there/not on there. Not all of these countries are good examples, IMHO.

    Sorry, forgive me this must be reactionary imperialist drivel masquerading as Marxism.

  7. VM says:

    What about Cymru (Wales) and Kernow (Cornwall)????

    Alba gu brath.

    1. Alba gu brath as bith! …it’s a big chunk of a big island full of the same cro magnon genetic make up we had when the ice retreated! :0

  8. The Nordic Celt says:

    While the list makes interesting reading there is no escaping the fact that Scotland benefited greatly from the Empire and indeed were instrumental in colonising many of the colonies on the list.

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