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  1. James says:

    what’s with the Duck?

    1. James says:

      Nice film though 🙂 Call it BONNY2012

  2. Scotland: a country without towns or people.

  3. JBS says:

    Somebody tell me where that chicken is and I’ll have it for my tea.

    Wonderful, wonderful country.

  4. piobaire says:

    The duck is An Tunnag Mearanaich Gleann Mor, “The Mad Duck of Glen More”, related to An Cearc Fann Srath Glais, “The Decrepit Chicken of Strath Glass”. They are famed throughout the Highlands and and were one time part of a large “flock” but are now very rare, indeed. They vote Lib Dem.

  5. Derek Pretswell says:

    Yes it is bonny but this is inspite of what we have done to it. Our landscape could be so much more, and so much more to communities who could be in that landscape. We have lost touch with the environment. We now have urban environmental policies concerned with recycling, reducing energy requirements and developing renewable energy sources. In all of this we have forgotten our primary relationship with the land, and because of this we have not noticed that we have one of the most beautiful ecological slums in the world. Forests are production platforms, enriching soil and controlling the amount of water in the soil, which on the west coast is very important in dealing with landslips. We could increase the productivity of our landscape and create the platform for people to control their lives by becoming resource holders in this new Scotland. By realising the land’s biological potential we release the economic and social potential of our population. We can but hope.

  6. Tocasaid says:

    Aye, aw nice but mare ducks and hens than people? Is it pro or anti-Clearances though?

    Best to keep the Scots under wraps…

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