The Bain Principle

This image is brought to you by Scotland Says Yes. This week saw the leak of a document that showed the depths of Labour tribalism. A gift to oppose the Tories tax cut for millionaires was rejected by Labour because it would mean siding with Plaid Cymru and the SNP.

According to a tweet by Labour’s shadow Scotland office minister Willie Bain MP, it was revealed that the Tory budget which will benefit the UK’s millionaires was not opposed because it “is a long-standing PLP convention that we do not support SNP motions”.

The SNP’s Stewart Hosie commented: “Even when it came to voting against a Tory tax cut for millionaires, Labour could not put its resentment of the SNP aside in the interests of ordinary working people.

“Mr Bain’s comments are a very sad indictment of Labour and his party’s failure, to put people before narrow politics, will rebound very badly on them.”


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  1. The sad thing is that we are no longer surprised at the barrenness of Labour’s policies, ethics or ideas. A disparate group of frightened wee folk ready to sacrifice every belief and every last scrap of morality in a futile attempt to grasp some power. The party of Keir Hardie and Clement Attlee is now devoid of any ideology.

  2. longshanker says:

    Maybe Bradford will make a difference. I doubt it though.

  3. Gerry Fisher says:

    What it shows is that the Labour Party are no longer interested in principles or policies – they are only interested in Power – and the money that goes with it used corruptly!

  4. drawdeaddave says:

    Suspected for a while now that UK Labour & their Scottish branch number one policy was SNP BAD, why would this be so? could it be SNP are the only ones that stand in the way of total WM control over Scotland..

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  6. Eleanor Ferguson says:

    It is so depressing that Labour will not oppose the government on anything. If they had voted against tax credit cuts,Kezia Dugdale would not have to then promise to restore them if Labour gets into power. It has been the same story with all the obscene cuts that the Tories have implemented. I despair that we live in a country which now demonises the poor and disabled and has people so desperate that they have to use food banks. Labour have made complete fools of themselves over the years in Scotland because they have automatically opposed anything the SNP have proposed-even when the party in England supports that policy. No wonder so many people have turned to the SNP, their MSPs and MPs are head and shoulders above anyone in Labour

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