As the trickle of Unionist propaganda turns into a Union Jacktastic torrent – take refuge in Edinburgh’s (Scotland’s!) finest book shop…with Ewan McVicar, Lorna Waite and pals…

Word Power Books invites you to our ‘alternative’ Jubilee celebration – without a cucumber sandwich or a sniff of bunting in sight!

Come and join us on Saturday the 2nd June for a fun afternoon of republican solidarity. We’ve got some of Edinburgh’s best poets and musicians to entertain you with an afternoon of readings and songs. We may not agree with the masses that an extra day off work somehow makes this hemorrhaging of taxpayer money on the unelected rich somehow ‘ok’, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a party!

We’ll be kicking things off around 3:30, although the performers won’t start until about 4. So if you’re feeling like you might want to step up to the mike and have your say, there will certainly be an opportunity to try out that controversial “Prince Philip is a Massive Racist” poem you’ve been working on!

Bring food, a guitar, your republican solidarity, or just your good selves, it’s a very informal social gathering of like-minded people. We’d like to ‘celebrate’ the fact that in this time of crippling economic austerity, we’re inadvertently paying for a month-long party for the only person in the land with enough cash to pay for her own damn shindig!

One looks forward to seeing you! Word Power Books
Saturday 3rd June  from 3.30 …
We will be giving away our fantastic Union Joke t-shirt prize to the best suggestion for our JACK**** competition – see here for all our details – prizes given for most outrageous forelock-tugging displays – and best suggestions for alternative uses of the Butcher’s Apron.
See our lovely prize here.
Glasgow offers up it’s own ceremony with the Scottish Left Review benefit… Monday 4 June 2012. Doors 19.30, tickets £10. With Susan Disloyal SubjectsMorrison, Vladimir McTavish and Bruce Morton together with music from The McClusky Brothers and Arthur Johnson and friends. The Stand Comedy Club, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3