The Wonderful Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson loses the plot on live television.


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  1. Someone should give this davidson fellow a good seeking to!

  2. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    What an offensive and deeply stupid oaf. Let’s see more of him.

    1. Iain Hill says:

      He would have secured my Yes vote on his own!

  3. Barontorc says:

    Well, well, looks like we can put the kettle on for legal challenges from the NO-ists, quelle surprise!

    Issy Frazer was excellent throughout the interview and clearly irked this guy who seems to have been given a free-rein by the NO campaign to rampage through whatever semblance of natural rights are still held by the Scottish people.

    If ever a strategic catastrophe was self-wrought it is here personified and will tip the scales ever more in favour of a YES vote. Keep it up!

    1. allymax says:

      I doubt very much if Isobel Fraser ‘wanted’ to ‘irk’ this ‘guy’; you obviously are not interested in the ‘debate’; only the ‘outcome’.

      Davidson, like all Labour politicians, are ignorami; why is anyone surprised?

      Don’t you know who I am !
      You once said that to me on NewSnot; … Ha !
      Who’s sorry now.

  4. plaing2411 says:

    An embarrassing show for Scottish Labour but it’s not new. Lord George Foulkes’ twitter berated the BBC after the council elections for ‘as usual supporting the SNP’ and the party have complained over coverage in recent years. In one way it’s arrogance, being used to (mostly) uncritical Daily Record reportage but in another it’s a serious discord between the party and the realities of modern Scotland. I have a huge amount of respect for BBC Scotland and don’t give any credence to the ‘distorting Scotland’ moniker with the organisation having recognised the Nats current (elected) role as the primary party of the Scottish people. Davidson still assumes he’s in 1999 and Labour can command, near coerce, unflinching support for the majority Labour party. Scottish Labour; a party containing many great fighters, socialist and reformers, but bogged down by an antiqued Westminster model and traditionalists like Davidson.

  5. Steve says:

    I think it was a set up to exonerate the BBC for their constant SNP anti/independence bias. There is a BBC run inquiry starting into the bias, and how fortunate or the bbc to have a accusation hurled at them publicly from the benefactors of the usual everyday bias.

    1. gordiethefiddler says:

      Agree completely wih this. Thats the game these people play. He is an ignorant git and should apologise. The BBC will use this in their defence of non bias reporting. Yes is the only reponse in 2014.

  6. George Gunn says:

    It may be easy to see Ian Davidson as a character out of a Randy Newman song – Rednecks? – but believe it or not he comes from the more intelligent end of the NO campaign when it is articulated by Central Belt Labour. The Westminster parties – especially Labout for UK election arithmetic reasons – will never let go of Scotland, will think nothing of undertaking democratic double-think to deny independence. The sooner we on the left in Scotland understand this the better. I found Davidson’s performance tragic: as if Hamlet and Lear’s Fool had been crossed with Putin. For Scotland it was a new low in debate.

  7. Evidently Mr Davidson does not care to be dealt with on equal terms:

  8. Frank Garden says:

    I think this man must have been a school bully and nobody was game enough to smack him down. Now is the time, he is a Brute, especially towards women. He is supposed to be one of the clever labour mps from Glasgow. I hope the good people of Glasgow who elected this Moron were watching Newsnight.

  9. Chools says:

    He gave an excellent performance, another nail in the no coffin. We just need a few more like him!

  10. Is there a possible conspiracy here? Mr Davidson slags off BBC on behalf of Labour. BBC says nothing afterwards. BBC executive rUbs its hands in glee that it can now say everybody says we are biased , therefore we aren’t!!!!!

  11. JBS says:

    ‘“Scotland is a world leader in innovation. We have so much skill and talent, yet so often we hear the message that we’re like some wee down-trodden partner and told ‘you can’t manage on your own’.

    “It’s not about disliking other parts of the UK, or some kind of “Braveheart” mentality. For me it’s about the growth and long term benefits that we’ll see in all different parts of life, including business and wider society, when we have the strength and confidence to say we’re capable of making our own decisions”.’

    Great stuff. Vote Yes for an independent Scotland.

  12. Rebecca says:

    Meanwhile in the parallel universe occupied by the staff of the Scotsman:

    Comments disabled. Surprising that.

  13. Meanwhile in the parallel universe occupied by the Scotsman:

    Comments disabled. Surprising that. And they wonder why their circulation figures are in freefall.

  14. john says:

    Maybe the referendum will be won by the side that bashes BBC Scotland the most. 🙂

    No comments about the source of this video on YouTube? Seems to be a unionist channel with them having the heading ‘What will the SNP BBC-bashers say about this?’ under the video. Of course, they have taken the BBC Scotland stance by not allowing comments on this video where they allow comments on other videos.

  15. pmcrek says:

    Dear Comrade,

    I am happy to announce that Scotland belongs to a foreign right wing Government with no Scottish democratic mandate and not in fact the people of Scotland.

    Unfortunately, you cant check my working because my very expensive tax deductable pedigree dog ate it in my third home.

    However, anybody who disagrees with me is either a Sectarian Bigot and/or Nazi and every organization is out to get me because they are brainwashed nationalists, remember patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel,

    Rule Britannia and God save the Queen comrades.

    -Scottish Labour MSP

  16. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Ah, dear, dear, Mr. “I’ll gie you a doin'” Davidson.

    The poster boy of Scottish Labour!

    Don’t you just love it when a politician appears on T.V. and gives a calm, well thought out, reaasoned argument. Obviously T.V. interviews 101 was one, of very many, courses NOT attended by said Davidson!

  17. Les Wilson says:

    All is not what it seems, this was done with BBC approval, in order to deflect complaints of their bias against Scottish independence. Isabel’s reaction was of course what the BBC desired hence she was unlikely to have expected it coming, in order for it all to appear less contrived.
    Watch for much more of this as they try and build a case to make things appear they are bias AGAINST the Unionist cause. What a sick joke. They must think we are stupid.
    The BBC is in collusion with Unionists across the board and is no longer fit for purpose in Scotland.

    This could could also apply to the “Scottish” media, who is of course is dominated by English owners pushing their Unionist agenda at every opportunity.

  18. Kenneth MacColl says:

    Davidson is well known as a misongynistic bully and a lout. He has form in this and the more we see and hear from him the better!

  19. megabreath2 says:

    you know I havent watched this for a week or so but it still has the power to amaze.or amuse.”Newsnat Scotland”-LOL 🙂

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