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SFA to “discuss” Craig Levein’s “future” within “a few days”

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It was announced earlier today that Scotland’s turnip-in-charge, Craig Levein, will have his future decided (terminated surely?) by the SFA over the next few days.  This is just the latest in an incomprehensible sequence of events at SFA HQ.  Levein is universally despised by Scotland fans who were reduced to watching matches through fingers, and from behind the couch, while El Potter soared to heights of cluelessness that only a pigeon-French speaking Peter Sellers could ever hope to reach.

The facts speak for themselves:  Levein has had the good fortune of having a “golden generation” of Scottish players to choose from in this World Cup campaign.  Under a decent manager Scots could realistically have expected a powerful challenge for Brazil 2014 in what was admittedly a tricky group.  Unlike previous incumbents the Scotland manager could have selected a deadly £18m strike force – Fletcher and Rhodes – supplemented by some of the finest young players our country has produced in decades.

That wasn’t the Levein way. Petty arguments kept our best striker playing the X-Box on match nights while an ageing forward was dragged home from a moose league. Levein’s team selections seemed to be based on spin-the-bottle; his tactical nous was on a par with Orville the Duck; his motivational skills were evidently David Brent-esque.  Result: we’re out almost two full years before the finals and currently shiting ourselves as the mighty Luxembourg arrive to put us to the sword on 14th November in front of a deserted Hampden.

In two and a half brutally depressing years Levein only managed two competitive wins: against the might of Lichtenstein and Lithuania.  His full tawdry managerial record in charge of Scotland bokes for itself.

Here at Bella Towers when presented with a conundrum we try to figure it out.  But on this one we’re totally stumped. So we’ll hand it over to you, dear readers. Is there anyone out there, anyone at all, who can answer this question:

Why the fuck is Craig Levein still in a job?

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  1. Barontorc says:

    It’s kinda akin to Dalgleish’s infamous plan to use Celtic as a proving ground for his mate John Barnes to develop. Bugger the team, by the way!

    CL had achieved the square root of ziltch as a coach before his appointment – so it wasn’t based on pedigree. Just what was it based upon?
    I listened incredulously as I was told he was on a four year contract at £400,000 a year! What half-wit would give an unproven and now failed coach that kind of deal?

  2. An Duine Gruamach says:

    In the last six hours of football, Scotland have scored two goals. Seriously, what is there to discuss?

  3. vronsky says:

    “Why the fuck is Craig Levein still in a job?”

    Wish I lived on the planet where nobody understood the question.

  4. Tocasaid says:

    Mostly agree though the ‘Potter’ jibe smells of Hibeeism – have never heard others use it and the joke is wearing thin.

    Levein should’ve gone after the Czech 4-6-0 game and the SFA are to blame for the mess we find ourselves in.

    Fletcher though should never have been allowed to wear the national shirt again without a full apology. The nation is bigger than one overpaid princess and I suspect that whatever was done to allow his inclusion against Wales fell short of that.

  5. bellacaledonia says:

    The estimated £700,000 severance pay will no doubt focus SFA minds. Wouldn’t be surprised if they keep him on to save a few bawbees,

  6. alan says:

    Stating the obvious… CL and SFA are controlled by the London Establishment to ensure Scottish failure at all levels of everything…

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