The Scottish Independence Podcast 17 – Lorna Waite

The Steel Garden by Lorna WaiteThe Scottish Independence Podcast is back after a little break and I hope to have the regular Wednesday = Scottish Independence Podcast, Sunday = For A’ That podcast up and running for the forseeable future.

For this 17th episode I spoke with poet Lorna Waite , author of The Steel Garden, and we had a few topics of conversation.

Firstly we speak about Lorna, herself and her work, and why she believes that any division between the cultural and economic reasons given for independence are false.

We talked about the role of women in the Indy debate and also the more unpleasant colonial aspects of the union, and how we might combat the lack of self-respect that those colonial problems have created in Scotland.

Language got a look in as we spoke about the historical suppression of both the Gaelic and Scots language.

Lorna is also a Rangers supporter and in the second part of the conversation we moved on to talk about a topic that I began with Kris Kujawa in a previous podcast, and talked about how the debate is playing out among football supporters, this time specifically amongst Rangers fans.

We didn’t come up with the brightest prospects in that bit.

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  1. basedrones says:

    The podcast seems to have caught one MSP’s attention –

  2. There were 3 remarkable things about that…

    1. He said he “read” it. Where? Someone doing transcripts on the fly? Hard of hearing people have contacted me to ask for transcripts. Can I have them?

    2. Although this might be considered a misinterpretation you could easily enough make a case for what he said

    3. On the Rangers thing she said the exact opposite.

    This allows us a few options…

    1. He didn’t “read”/listen at all
    2. He is hard of understanding
    3. He is being wilfully disingenuous. Very Blairite.

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