‘Ten Years After (Iraq – A Beach Walk)’ by George Gunn


(Iraq - A Beach Walk)

An Easterly blows in from the Baltic
a Russian wind on a Caithness shore
I raise my hand to touch the Atlantic
the ocean surges through a thirl door
the crystal nails fall from the sky
the sand is red in the early light
a generation will live & die
walking from morning to the welcome night
as the asset of your life is contracted out
a photograph on a station wall
a scream a whisper a grunt a shout
rising up for a heavy fall
the wind carries the simulation of regret
success is the nightmare you can’t forget

© George Gunn 2013 


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  1. George, Ten years after Iraq and forty years after the overthrow of the Allende Government in Chile the words of a great poet are found carved into the rocks on the Caithness shore
    the Allende Government in Chile the words of a great poet are found carved in to the rocks on the Caithness shore.

  2. George Gunn says:

    Dear Willie

    I ken, I heard it this morning. I couldn’t believe it. What a fantastic thing to happen, to have done. Christine and I are off to have a look this Sunday. The story broke on the same day as the date for the referendum was announced. Synchronicity? A good omen?

  3. Yes George a good omen, we hope for a better future one without Cameron Osborne and Duncan Smith squeezing the life out of us.
    The bedroom tax can you believe it, this is social engineering and right wing Idology given free reign under the guise of cutting the deficit. And we have a Labour Party not worthy of the name which does’nt know or has forgotten it’s birthright
    It would be good to see yourself and Chriistne for a drink sometime when you are through in Wick

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