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Scottish Indy Podcast 50

mogwai2003bwFIFTY episodes!

Yes, I know it says 24 up there but if you count For A’ That and the couple of little specials, this one makes fifty.

That being the case I’d like to say thanks to all the guests, the people who have helped to promote it, the people who tune in every week and those who put it on FB and tweet it and whatever the latest new-fangled thing is. The help is much appreciated.

Anyway, for this 50th episode I was joined by Stuart Braithwaite who is the guitarist from the band Mogwai, who I am sure most of you have heard of.

We talked about what convinced Stuart of the need for independence, that little song they wrote regarding Thatcher, and much more.

Stuart talked about his discomfort with the mud-slinging and negativity in the debate.

Did The Proclaimers open things up for Scottish mainstream musicians to sing in their own accents?

Have the Yes campaign been too nicey-nicey so far? Would getting a bit more aggressive help?

I also took the opportunity to vent a little about Bono and Geldof and we discussed how scary the lurch towards UKIP is.

Finally we got on to what artists and musicians and so on can contribute to the debate.

Hope you enjoy…

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  1. Ray Bell says:

    “Did The Proclaimers open things up for Scottish mainstream musicians to sing in their own accents?”

    Not just a Scottish problem.

    It’s said (probably an urban myth) that Sting went up to Elvis Costello and said, “Why do you sing with that fake American accent, Mr McManus?”

    To which Costello replied, “Why do you sing with that fake Jamaican accent, Mr Sumner?”

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