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What Don’t You Know?

tumblr_mn7a7s45961rqpa8po1_500Woad-Wary? Indy-Sceptic? Dunno-tastic? You’ve come to the right place…

Now and then you’ve got to step back and re-imagine how and why you’re doing things.

We’ve been thinking about what we do here at Bella Towers and we’ve got some great new projects coming out very soon (like our own t-shirt here) and our Bellavision project (still top secret) plus Closer (our summer newspaper).

But we want to talk to those people who Don’t Know how to vote or whether to vote at all in next year’s referendum. So we’ve declared Sat 8 June – Saturday 15 as Don’t Know Week (#dontknowweek)

Your queries or issues might be psychological or technical, personal or cultural. It’s all okay. All valid.

We’ll be publishing people we haven’t published before without fear or favour who have legitimate questions, concerns or confusions about how to vote. You are invited. Yes you.

You are invited to submit your own articles (short and snappy or long and rambling is fine) to our Don’t Know Week. Email us at bellasletters (at) yahoo.co.uk

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  1. Jen says:

    Great idea, I can’t wait for #dontknowweek

  2. wanvote says:

    Brilliant ideas, Bella. Have never been a “don’t know” sort but definitely a sceptical “aye, but how will it be done” kind of person. Never really took to the “Tir Nan Og” type of vision thing that Yes folk are so keen on. So with determined reading of this site and those linked here and lots of others I think the old brain is becoming more de-confused and am changing my gravitas profile accordingly.
    As they say, been there, done that, now to get the tee shirt – slainte!

  3. My Scottish parents life choices, led to me being born in Australia, in 1972, my mother to this day,says it was the worst decision of their lives. My brother Calum (dec) was lucky enough to be born in Raigmore hospital Inverness, in 1980, I was forever jealous of him, he was Scottish! We were lucky my dad had the Aussie dream job, he was a flight attendant on QANTAS, so we were able to fly home (yes home) every year to see our family, mainly up in Inverness, but Glasgow and Peebles too. I went to school there, primary and high school. Did about 50percent of my education via the highland school board, hence my strange changing handwriting. I loved how we chased summer. Spent summer at home June July August September, then had all of a xmas summer in Oz, where I’d catch enough school to keep my intelligence levels up. I went on to have 5 children, and blessed them with Scottish names, taught them from a young age their history, 4 out of 5 of my children have been home, and returned again, and want to move there for their secondary schooling (my 13 year old Miss Baillie-Calum, honour student, wants to attend a theatrical school, that incorporates Scottish history into acting) My 10 year old Merida lookalike (yes long red wild curly hair) wants to model for a Scottish agency when she’s “old enough”. My 21 year old built like a tank son, has Scotland tattooed all over himself, in flags and words! That’s dedication! They all know their history enough to realise that after so many centuries of bloodshed, that their country by blood, needs to stand on her own 2 feet. Its time, and she has the brains,the heart AND the backbone to do it. My parents are finally leaving Australia to go “home”, to join the rest of our Celtic clan. Me and mine are living in Canada, as my hubby is a Cannuck. I want nothing more, than for my kids to be able to freely travel into the country of their heart, apply for a Scottish passport, due to paternal ties. And not be told at an English border, by someone obviously not fully “British” they can’t stay longer than 6 months! That cuts me up! My parents both ex British military police, grandfathers both British army/Scots guards, great grandfathers fought for their countries, and so on back to Culloden! Its stories like this, that Scots born people need to take to heart! Take back your country, without bloodshed or hatred, people like me and mine, would give anything to have the birthrite that has automatically come to you. I can’t just “vote” yes, I’m not legally entitled to, but you are, and you can cast that vote, on behalf of Scotshearted people like myself, our future, your childrens future, and the wonderful people who have died for the sake of our country’s FREEDOM. Peace my Celtic bro’s and sis’s

    1. Taeuk Nam says:

      Cat, is your daughter possibly Baillie-Calum Mackenzie-Ellis? I go to the same school as her.

      1. Yes, that’s freaky she beat you in the spelling Bee hey 😛

  4. douglas clark says:

    It seems to me that Scotland should be talking about it’s commitment to international co-operation on scientific endevours like CERN and ITER.


  5. Shugg67 says:

    Why am I in the don’t know camp well first I don’t feel we are going to be truly independent. How are we independent if we will keep the British pound, the British army, navy, Air Force, police, fire and health services. Surely an independent Scotland should be able to have their own services. Will the British govt charge is for using their services. The Scottish govt want to do away with trident that’s fair enough but what will they do with the thousands of men and women this decision makes unemployed? If we vote yes shouldn’t we then have an election to decide who should run an independent Scotland? Will England claim that the North Sea oil belongs to them? Will they take court action to claim it? Will an independent Scotland prosper? Can anyone provide facts and figures to prove this? I’d like to see proper thought out plan with policies and how much it will cost not just pro independence propaganda. An independent Scotland should only be achieved if it will benefit every person in the country.

  6. Taeuk Nam says:

    An independent Scotland would be very much like an independent CSA or an independent Quebec. it simply will not work. the Scottish economy is benefiting from the British Pound, and has no reliable industry. Scotland will only become weaker, poorer, and unable to influence the global economy. Being independent may sound good to one’s ears, but with it comes responsibilities that Scotland would not be able to cope with. The government of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, and the Scottish peoples must choose between isolation from the world, and continuing to be a global power together with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

    Writing to you from Estevan, SK.

    1. And look at Estevan Saskatchewan, what a dump, no proper management, influx of people from an international sector, and other provences, no housing, no shopping to choose from (walmart big deal) the roads are a disgrace, need I go on? Scotland too has its own oil, and England relies on that to survive, take the oil away and the once powerful United Kingdom will crumble. Scotland has her own currency, her own banks, movie and theatrical production, world class universities with FREE tuition for young Scots (English has to pay) artists, and one of the biggest tourisms sectors in the world! Scotland has the ablility to step away. Norway and Iceland did, and they’re doing better than great, Hong Kong broke away from Britain, and they’re doing alright too. I may be an Australian living in dustbowl Estevan, but being brought up by Scottish parents, and growing up in Sydney and The Highlands of Scotland, I know she has the capabilties of stepping aside! 🙂

  7. Taeuk Nam says:

    The oil produced in the north sea is going down every year, and in 2 decades time fossil fuels will become obsolete because we will have a virtually infinite source of energy, called nuclear fusion. if Scotland breaks away, both economies will become weaker, but England will recover in 5-15 years while Scotland will not because the market will become product based. England makes good products. they are known for their cars. the EU has growing power over national governments, so they’ll be within a European republic in just 50 years time, which is a very insignificant amount of time to be independent, because they will have done so much work to be independent, just to be reunited within the European republic in merely 5 decades.

    1. That’s a good point, but its not just oil that Scotland has that they can be fully reliant on. Have you ever seen pictures of the city of Sydney? The harbour, the opera house, the Sydney harbour bridge? Who do you think built the bridge? Where do you think the steel for the bridge came from? It was Scotland! Who invented the TV? John Logie Baird (a Scot) the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell (a Scot) who made Canada the country it is today? The Scots did, Scots made the Western world the productive place it is today, why do you not think they can’t do it for their own country? If it wasn’t for Scots, you wouldn’t be in the free country you’re in today 🙂

  8. Taeuk Nam says:

    the us congress actually ruled that Bell did not first invent the telephone, and his company (Bell) was (and is) located in the US, which means it economically benefits the US. Inventions are generally an unreliable way to keep an entire economy functional because the invention may go out of trend. reliable economies often rely on a large supply natural resources, and many technological advancements, but need huge multi-billionaire companies to keep mining/farming/developing and Scotland has few international-level companies..

    1. So, we all know that society likes to ‘forget’ about the people that made a country the place it is today, Norway broke away and is one of the best places on earth to live. Scotland has the same attributes, with lots to offer. Where else in the world can a child get a free university placement? Not Canada, not even Australia, Scotland! And Scottish universities are churning out THE best minds in the world. Regardless of who gets to reap the benefits of invention, we all know America likes to to take claim on anything. Jeez they even had to change the English language. The lands of Scotland were sold from under their feet, in the 1700’s, signed off to make it part of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth the second, is actually queen Elizabeth the 1st in Scotland. Our royal family was killed off by the English. I’d like to know why you have such an interest in this topic? What investment do you have in Scotlands future?

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