tumblr_mn7a7s45961rqpa8po1_500Woad-Wary? Indy-Sceptic? Dunno-tastic? You’ve come to the right place…

Now and then you’ve got to step back and re-imagine how and why you’re doing things.

We’ve been thinking about what we do here at Bella Towers and we’ve got some great new projects coming out very soon (like our own t-shirt here) and our Bellavision project (still top secret) plus Closer (our summer newspaper).

But we want to talk to those people who Don’t Know how to vote or whether to vote at all in next year’s referendum. So we’ve declared Sat 8 June – Saturday 15 as Don’t Know Week (#dontknowweek)

Your queries or issues might be psychological or technical, personal or cultural. It’s all okay. All valid.

We’ll be publishing people we haven’t published before without fear or favour who have legitimate questions, concerns or confusions about how to vote. You are invited. Yes you.

You are invited to submit your own articles (short and snappy or long and rambling is fine) to our Don’t Know Week. Email us at bellasletters (at) yahoo.co.uk