imagesWe asked people who Don’t Know how to vote next year to share our concerns in 500 words. All this week we’ll be publishing their entries.

I don’t know and this is the first time I’ve had the chance to vote. I don’t know because I can’t quite tell what the financial implications are going to be yet, I’m hoping these will become clearer in the next few months?What sways me to Yes is the idea that we don’t elect the government that rule us and the fact that England seems to be hurtling to the right. Every time you turn the tv on it seems to be another twist whether it’s UKIP, the Tories or even Labour outbidding each other in a race to the right.

What sways me to Yes is the idea that I’m being told a lot of lies: “Oil will make you poor” seems such a hilarious thing to try and put across I  can hardly believe that is what’s being put over by Better Together.

I’m further swayed to Yes by the sleaze and corruption that seems to centre around Westminster (I’m sorry there’s no other word for it). I don’t know ho we can make this better at a Scottish parliament but maybe by starting afresh you could build in checks to stop the sleaze?

So the main thing that stops me from being a definite Yes is the economic uncertainty of the currency and what impact that would have on the economy. Very little else of the stories that seem to come out daily bother me at all.