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5 Artists in Search of a Country

solarFor one day only five very different artists are meeting to share thoughts on Scotland’s future, what it means and what they hope for, what role art and culture can and should play in the historic debate.

The panel includes MC Solareye from Stanley Odd, the award-winning poet Jenny Lindsay, composer and artistic director Jim Sutherland (Struileag and La Banda), David Greig (playwright and theatre director – who co-founded Suspect Culture Theatre Company, and has done, well a ridiculous amount, including most recently, this) and playwright Peter Arnott.

Chaired by Elaine C Smith.

Monday 12 August, Assembly Rooms, George St, Edinburgh 2.30 £10.00

You can get your tickets for this show right here …

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  1. barakabe says:

    Culture has to be at the very heart of the road-map of how we will construct a new and better society- artists and creative thinkers must have real input into the forming of this new society’s constitution. Incidentally, there are two theatre directors and no novelist- surely our key writers must have their voices heard- and what of filmmakers? Scottish based directors like Peter Mullan, May Miles Thomas or David MacKenzie…film is the preeminent art form of the last century after all and is likely to feature greatly in a post independent Scotland.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Hi Barakabe – fair point – though Bella likes the lineup – we thought it right to have a mix of ages as as well as art forms – if we could have taken our pick from the film industry we would of – the world doesn’t always work like that!

  2. An Duine Gruamach says:

    This sounds like a great event. Alas, I’m heading for the Costa Del Stornoway that very day, so I won’t be able to make it. I’m sure it’ll be well attended and a very stimulating and engaging discussion!

  3. pfburke says:

    How about artists that just paint, or make things because that’s what they do? It could be because that’s what their pals do and that’s what interests them. Why is it, they need…and seek the acclaim of the media and so called intelligentsia? A tell ye, A smell a rat! A’m a guid drawer, whit makes them bettur than me?

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