This week we saw the biggest benefit scrounging family in the land have another baby, a huge % of the population revealed as morons, a massive Al Qaida breakout, and FINALLY conclusive proof of God’s existence.

So, lots of BIG news.

But if you find your self just undermined at a fundamental psychological level by the grovelling insipid wrap-around deference of celebrity feudalism, remember these truths:

a) You are not alone. Most people know this is just shit. As Gore Vidal put it:”The mass media attempts to create environments and attitudes which make dissent look futile and pointless don’t actually work.”

b) Most people know the reality is that the British State is one of the most secretive, centralised and undemocratic in existence. We are ruled by an unelected hereditary monarch, our land ownership is feudal, our second chamber is unelected and our executive has unlimited powers with a largely passive powerless and ceremonial House of Commons, in which politicians with very little difference between them shout at each other in a weekly pantomime.

Everybody kind of knows this.

c) Despite it all we have a chance to change things and if you think that a Yes vote won’t utterly shake up  the British State your not paying attention.

Living through this revived obsession with the monarchy and watching it being further embedded into British society is just an intolerable and wrong way to operate. As Seamus Milne has written:

As things now stand, Britain (along with 15 other former island colonies and white settler states) has now chosen its next three heads of state – or rather, they have been selected by accident of aristocratic birth. The descendants of warlords, robber barons, invaders and German princelings – so long as they aren’t Catholics – have automatic pride of place at the pinnacle of Britain’s constitution.

Far from uniting the country, the monarchy’s role is seen as illegitimate and offensive by millions of its citizens, and entrenches hereditary privilege at the heart of public life. While British governments preach democracy around the world, they preside over an undemocratic system at home with an unelected head of state and an appointed second chamber at the core of it.

I wish the new wee baby all the best but it represents a future that I  and hundreds of thousands of people (in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland) don’t want anything to do with.