There’s Nothing Wrong with the Car!


The deeply nuanced thinking behind the Unionist campaign revealed in this exclusive Scotsman piece by Allan Massie:

The Better Together campaign is regularly accused by its opponents, the Separatists, of negativity. Quite right too; the campaign is negative.

It is calling for us to vote No to the proposition that Scotland should be an independent state. There is no more negative word in the language than “no”. This is something that any child learns, often reluctantly.

It’s up to those who want change to make the case for it. They have to put forward a positive prospectus. They have to convince us that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. It’s enough, however, for their opponents to say “not from our point of view”. Suppose a car salesman tries to persuade you that you need a new car. He has to extol its qualities and try to convince you that your present one is no longer good enough. But you don’t have to find reasons to defend the car you have in order to resist his persuasion. All you need say is, “I’m quite content as I am, thank you.”

This is the position of most Scots unionists; we’re quite happy as we are. We don’t actually require to say anything else.

To summarise: CAR: OK – read the full article here.

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  1. sneekyboy says:

    Dear Bella,

    I would like to complain about the UK Plc Car you sold me as the local UK:OK sales rep…

    You marketed it as OK, but it is most definitely NOT OK!

    It keeps veering to the right regardless of what I try to do to remedy the situation. I’m sure you can understand my frustration at always travelling in a direction that is not of my choosing…

    It costs a fortune in oil… in fact it seems to burn through so much that the fuel fund kitty that I got from my Granny as an inheretance is almost half depleted. It’s quite upsetting that the wealth put aside is being wasted in this fashion and annoying that now its squandered, were seeing the cost of running the car skyrocket and ending up with the most expensive fuel costs out of all the cars on EU Boulevard, where I live…

    In fact the neighbours are getting quite fed up with the car and its antics – constantly backfiring and disturbing the peace – that they would seem to like to see the back of us…

    Another more worrying thing is that the safety features (which were one of the best original features of the car – such as the Nightime Headlight System) seem to have been dismantled and replaced with a myriad of low-cost parts from a multitude of suppliers – it is now very uncertain what situation my family and I would find ourselves in should something happen…

    I know you said its only had 2 owners (Miss Connie Servative and Miss Li Bour) but to be honest it seems to have been poorly looked after and the money and attention they should have spent on essential repairs seems to have been spent elsewhere – probably on the expensive ‘vagazzling’ you said they used to do to their ‘southern regions’.

    I really think that this car should be condemned as unfit for purpose and a danger to those in it!

    I have recently sourced a smaller car that seems to offer better basic protection, is less expensive to run and is more responsive – and its size lets me nip into spaces I wouldn’t have managed otherwise which is a great advantage!

    So please take this car back and refund my money or I shall take you to court for your shameful portrayal of myself and this car as ‘Better Together’ when I bought it – even though you may not agree, the evidence is there to back up my claim!

    Yours (An independently minded)

    Scott Land

    1. heathermclean19 says:

      Brilliant analogy Sneekyboy!

  2. alimath247 says:

    Reblogged this on missivesofdysart and commented:

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