The deeply nuanced thinking behind the Unionist campaign revealed in this exclusive Scotsman piece by Allan Massie:

The Better Together campaign is regularly accused by its opponents, the Separatists, of negativity. Quite right too; the campaign is negative.

It is calling for us to vote No to the proposition that Scotland should be an independent state. There is no more negative word in the language than “no”. This is something that any child learns, often reluctantly.

It’s up to those who want change to make the case for it. They have to put forward a positive prospectus. They have to convince us that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. It’s enough, however, for their opponents to say “not from our point of view”. Suppose a car salesman tries to persuade you that you need a new car. He has to extol its qualities and try to convince you that your present one is no longer good enough. But you don’t have to find reasons to defend the car you have in order to resist his persuasion. All you need say is, “I’m quite content as I am, thank you.”

This is the position of most Scots unionists; we’re quite happy as we are. We don’t actually require to say anything else.

To summarise: CAR: OK – read the full article here.