Tintin in Scots and Gaelic

Derk-IsleTintin in Scots and Gaelic! One of my favourite Tintin’s … Looking forward to Captain Haddock’s outbursts being translated!

Tintin an his faithfu dug, Tarrie, are on the trail o an international gang o conterfaiters.

Forby, they themsels are bein follaed by the twa glaikit detectives, Nisbet an Nesbit! The trail leads them til the faur-awa north o Scotland, whaur legend tells o an unco craitur, the Hairy Etin, that bides i the ruins o Corbiecraig Castle, on the dreich an oorie Derk Isle.

Unfleggit by tales o beasts an bogles, Tintin an Tarrie are makkin til the isle tae see whit’s
gaun on …


Tha Tintin agus Dìleas an tòir air buidheann eadar-nàiseanta de mhealltairean a tha a’ dèanamh airgead fuadain. Tha iomadach rud a’ tachairt dhaibh air slighe a tha gan toirt gu ceann a tuath na h-Alba. A rèir beul-aithris na sgìre tha Biast Mhòr a’ fuireach ann an Caisteal na Beinne Mòire air an Eilean Dubh. Tha Tintin agus Dìleas a’ togail orra chun an eilein gus a’ bhiast a rannsachadh dhaibh fhèin…..

Air eadar-theangachadh gu Gàidhlig le Gillebrìde Mac ’IlleMhaoil

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  1. Charles Patrick O'Brien says:

    Its grand to be a country.

  2. I was always (still am!) more of an Asterix fan myself, thought it was worth noting that both Herge and Goscinny / Uderzo from the very multi-lingual Belgium which might explain their desire to have their work available in many different langauges; as well as being a sign of the creativity of multilingual cultures? Pedr Pan

  3. Tocasaid says:


    Tha mi cuideachd toilichte gum bi BBC Alba a’ cruthachadh drama ùr sa Ghàidhlig a dh’aithghearr.

    Air adhart!

  4. Albalha says:

    Tintin in Scots, marvellous. Unfleggit …..great word, let’s convince the fleggit voters, to say AYE.

  5. Go hiontach! (As we say back home in Dublin). My wee boy is in has just started in GME, so it’s great that I’ll be able to read to him some of his favourite characters in Scots Gaelic.

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