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Get inspired … aspirational and inspirational talks from Calton Hill … all with thanks to Tim Fraser-Granados from Saor Alba Pictures.













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  1. buzzy_bee says:

    I grew up in New Zealand – you can’t *get* much more peripheral than that and when I was a child it had half the population of Scotland. It still has no oil. Seems to be doing pretty good for itself, although the political climate currently has some room for improvement, they’ve kept themselves out of recession without completely destroying their welfare state.

  2. Abulhaq says:

    Ian Smart’s comments contain elements of truth. We have let ourselves go. We are out of condition. We should not live in cloud-cuckooland on that score. However, we now do realise just how out of condition we are. We can and we will get back into shape. We can do nothing about being geographically peripheral but we can ditch that provincial, peripheral?, mindset that our opponents believe is our natural dependent disposition. We must emerge in 2014 as a free nation, a cosmopolitan nation true to its self and embracing the new, the future, the world as never before. We have nothing to loose but the mental chains that bind us to the banal old order. We also have hope, what have they got?

  3. David McCann says:

    Aspirational, inspirational. Sums it up pretty well. We came away in a state of semi euphoria, with a renewed energy to take the message to a wider public. I thought Alan Bissett’s rendition of Vote Britain masterful. Any chance of uploading a vid? Mike Danson also gave a brilliant destruction of Britain’s welfare (or lack of) system.
    In fact I have never heard a collection of differing approaches to independence, expressed better. We must share this as widely as possible, since the MSM will certainly not.
    Thanks to Bella and the wider internet, we WILL succeed.

  4. jrmacclure says:

    Talk about a terminal case of the cringe. He needs help.

  5. Dave lewis says:

    Still on a high from yesterday’s fantastic rally on the hill. Great day out full of enthusiasm, smiles and like minded people up for the cause, young, middle aged, and older, men, women and children. Bring it on I say watch the polls close in then overtake the bitter together. I see for Margaret Curran the penny has dropped the end of the British Labour Party is nearly upon us. It just shows there never was a Scottish Labour Party. Vote Yes for a better Nation and I am not a SCot but have lived up here for longer than I dare to remember. It’s a great place that can be even better with Independence, let’s all work together to make Scotland’s voice heard throughout the world and all achieved via the ballot box.

  6. Stephen says:

    Been following all the progress out here in Asia and I really wish I had been there!

  7. Tocasaid says:

    Là math-dhà-rìribh!

    Good to see some placards and banners in Scottish/Gàidhlig and the Yes Alba group taking our message our ‘indigenous’ community. Gu math a thèid leotha.

  8. John haston says:

    I have listened to these speeches, I have considered their contents and am using them to help make my mind up over which way to vote, but frankly I have found them to be pretty empty speeches, absolutely no substance, purely crowd stirring propaganda, if you want to win this vote, get some answers into your answers!

    1. Braco says:

      that was indeed their purpose.

      If you would really like some answers, you can ask me the questions that are concerning you. I don’t pretend to know all the answers but maybe I might know roughly where to look to find them.

      That way, I may be able to bring you at least a relevant response to think about, if not a complete easing of your initial concern.

      A one to one conversation like that might also help me explore sides and issues of the Independence debate that I otherwise may never have considered.

      If we share the sources for our argument/viewpoint/discussion then we would both probably expand our information routes in order to tackle the inevitable future issues that will arise before a final decision YES or NO must be reached.

      This is a genuine offer/request. Just reply on Bella and we can work out the logistics if you would be up for it.

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