2007 - 2021

Declaration of Radical Independence

A community, a society and a nation. An economy, an environment and a home.
These are not objects that exist because they are measured and weighed and counted.
They are not commodities, they are not someone’s gift.
They are the footprints each of us leave. They are the sum total of our actions and of our will.
Scotland wills itself to be a better nation, one we rebuild with our own hands. Who then will tell us our will is not big enough? Who then will tell us our hands are not strong enough?
Must the hope of the Scots for a better Scotland be the hope of the beaten for a less painful defeat? Must the will of the Scots once again come second to greed and privilege?
This despair has a name. It’s name is NO.
It is a despair that believes poverty inevitable and the decline of public service necessary. It is the cry of people who believe that wealth should belong to whomever has the sharpest claws.
Our poverty, our decline, their wealth, their NO.
For 30 years we have waited for Britain’s rulers to live up to our hopes. They either didn’t notice or didn’t care.
But now they notice. Now they see the chance for working men and working women to take back a nation. Now they tremble at the thought that we might really do it.
Because what drives NO forward is the fear of those who stand to lose their privilege. They fear their kingdom of greed faces its demise. They fear real democracy. They fear that in a land beyond Westminster we will rediscover hope.
That hope has a name. It’s name is YES.
It is a hope fashioned from knowledge. We know a better economy is possible because we have seen it in other nations. We know greater equality among citizens is possible because we have seen that in other nations. We know that ending poverty, reviving democracy and respecting our environment are possible because we have seen these things too.
And we know how to bring these things to Scotland. We must abandon 30 years of the politics of exploitation, the damning, corrosive exploitation that makes a few rich from what the many lose. We must replace it with the politics of sharing, where we all gain from the riches of our land and the fruits of our labour.
It is a fine Scottish tradition; to find what works, to find out how it works and to make it work better. For centuries Scotland’s ingenuity has been a gift to the world. Now let it be a gift also to ourselves.
Let us gift ourselves an economy where we make and create. Let our creativity make working people prosperous. Let prosperous people sustain a great welfare state. Let that state end the fear that comes with insecurity. Let us gift ourselves that Scotland.
Look at the forces that stand behind NO. Look at the forces that stand behind YES. Choose your side.
Together we can raise up our heads and work for a Scotland yet to come but visible already. A Scotland of the Common Weal, of shared wealth and shared wellbeing.
Our Scotland. All of us first.

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  1. Abulhaq says:

    Ça ira! Ça ira! Lat os ding doun dhe the biggin o dhe auld ordour! agus viva Alba saor!

  2. wanvote says:

    Truly, a Better Scotland is Possible – and we are already seeing it. In this, the RIC Declaration and in the whole Independence Movement. Self belief, hope and confidence is rapidly gaining momentum as positive visions are being aired and fleshed out into real and achievable strategies. A good time to be alive – Yes!

  3. The main reason for the Better together side or negative no supporters is not about Scotland but its the fear of Westminster,Westminster fears losing Scotland but have twisted things around like they have a history of doing,I would not be surprised if Thatcher had negotiated the Falklands war so that the idea of Scottish devolution could be hidden away,like they had promised “Something better” than what was on offer from the Labour party.Take that as an aside.We must attain self rule for the sake of those Scots not yet born,or what we still have left will be eroded and syphoned off to those with too much money already I think they are bucking for a revolution and they are to stupid to see it.Scotland needs independence Westminster needs us although they may not want us and they know it.

  4. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I stood at an SNP meeting in the early seventies and argued that Scottish oil would be the biggest obstacle to independence. That is proving to be the case. We will have to ask our people to be brave and to be ambitious as everything including the kitchen sink will be thrown at us as London in desperation tries to hang onto our resources.This declaration marks another step as we move into aspirational mode

  5. mogabee says:

    That is powerful. Reading it I thought of my daughter and my granddaughter and I feel more resolute than ever. Bring it on!!

  6. Douglas says:

    Today, in Glasgow, was an uplifting day, maybe a historic day.

    It was packed to the rafters, and there was a real feeling that something is afoot in Scotland, a new vision, a second European Enlightenment led from the North.

    It was a great day. Sincerest thanks to the people who made it happen. A day that will stay in the memory.

    So much hope! So many great ideas! So many people who are thinking differently, from all sections of society!

    Another Scotland IS possible.

    1. ed says:

      I wishedI I could have been there. A second European enlightenment fron the North….nice

  7. Fay Kennedy says:

    All the best in your positive energetic commitment to a better future for Scotland. I am feeling more uplifted every day about the possibilities of a fairer land for all. There is so much that the Scots have given both near and far. Although I am a long way away my heart is aye in Scotland.

  8. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Incisive comment. Thanks a bundle.
    Probably worth pointing out to you (or maybe not) that 2014 is not an election but a referendum
    Quite a lot of us missed Tangerine Tommy as he set about destroying the SSP. Our rifles jammed

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