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Inspiring video to go with the stylish launch of Commonweal … is this what democracy looks like?

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  1. Lin Anderson says:

    Brilliant! Love this but please fix two spelling mistakes. Brakes should be breaks and geting should be getting.
    Don’t let them ‘get’ us on this!

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Hi Lin – and all – Bella didn’t create this film – we are just showcasing it – but we’ve passed on the typos to the film-makers (Commonweal). Thanks.

  2. Couldn’t post to my Facebook wall?

  3. picpac67 says:

    It’s not what democracy looks like … it’s what a ‘socialist’ welfare state could look like. Democracy is about the distribution of power in society – about who can make the decisions and also challenge them. The video says nothing about that. It naively states that “we” can change things – but it doesn’t remotely say how. Power is never given up without a struggle and today’s power structure (not Eisenhower’s “military-industrial complex” – but the reality that this is a “corporate-financial-political-media-educational-arms sales and warmongering- complex” that has more power (including power to suppress dissent) than ever before in a so-called ‘democracy’.
    Democracy doesn’t exist until ‘the people’ have effective political rights of agenda-setting and decision-making. And that’s only the beginning. Commonweal needs to work out how to restore power to the people – not offer pie in the sky.

    1. ahh right enough aye. looks like we better just let it slide then. back to the grind I suppose.

      Maybe you expected a 670 graphic account of how the commonweal will realise its ambitions, in excruciating detail, rigorously tried and tested of course.

      However, those of us who actually understand what democracy is are really just content in the fact that next September an aye vote gives us a vote, and therefore the voice to put forward these ideas and collectively move forward in whichever way the the people of Scotland sees to be best.

      What’s your vision?

    2. craig1bro says:

      Check their site, what you are looking for is under the ‘Key Ideas’ tab, the video is merely a promo

    3. Robert Graham says:

      Well maybe just a dream of how things could be if we don’t listen to you can’t do that ,it’s not the way the world is ,oh really who says ? if we don’t try ,everything can’t be spelt out there will be unknowns that’s life but the way the world is right now you see daily police dressed up as storm troupers battering people protestors anyone who the state wants to crush there has to be a better way if people waken up there are more of us than them we should be calling the shots

  4. Douglas says:

    We are going to have to go out and make it happen in an independent Scotland, reclaim public life for the people instead of the global corporations, whose gains of the last thirty years can be reversed. It won’t happen over night but it can be done. Just in case anybody hasn’t seen The Shock Doctrine:

  5. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Good stuff – but the spelling mistakes!

  6. Bill Craig says:

    Many, many thanks for posting this! We now need to help people find the courage to make the change, to be the change.

  7. Aye, do fix the spelling errors. I’m sure you’d agree, however trivial it may seem, it detracts from the overall impact and looks amateur.

  8. gerry parker says:


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