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A Crazy Mix of Nostalgia and Nonsense and Wee Bit Too Much Passion

Announcing our John Barrowman Competition. Two Wally Dugs and a VAT of Irn Bru to whoever can explain exactly what’s going on here. Is this the greatest BT video since Sausage Roll Boy?


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  1. Don’t know what is the most vomit provoking; the smarm, the cheese, the words or the jacket.

    1. vote yes for scottish independence says:

      oh dear john is that the same jacket? and where’s yer accent gone ?

      1. vote yes for scottish independence says:

  2. Perfidy Prober says:

    Who is Mr Barrowman? What is he for? Where did he get that jaikit? I think we should be told.

    1. gerry parker says:

      Don’t know, don’t care.
      And given the content of that video, that’s the best position.

  3. Flower of Scotland says:

    That left me with a bit of a sick feeling in my stomach ! Do the Better Together really think that this will help people to make up their minds to vote No ? The polls are turning in our favour , so they can wheel in John Barrowman , Kenny Logan etc to help their campaign , but let’s be quietly confident in the Yes campaign .

  4. How patronising is that?

  5. DougtheDug says:

    What’s going on? It’s John Barrowman. He’s revvered in Chicogo and he’s delivered the speech in the style of someone not used to public speaking in order to gain sympathy for Better Together.

  6. What’s going on?

    It appears the latest strategy of Better Together is to reveal to the Scottish public just how very very little they think of them.

  7. Steve Bowers says:

    Yea gods, his accent is rather variable, I thought he was originally a yank, and was he having a rummage under that guys kilt to find out he was wearing shorts. Wonder who wrote his script.

    1. Eh think that Bob Servant wiz the author…eh could be wrang tho

  8. X_Sticks says:

    Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!

    I always find that Burns has something relevant to say on almost any subject imaginable. What a great bard he was.

  9. Simples – by wheeling out the Krankies who have never been to any clubs in Manchester and a Mr Barrowman, Better Together have decided to play the Panto card.


    “and his big manly voice,
    Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
    And whistles in his sound”

  10. DaveyM says:

    You mean the one minute or so clip over on Wings wasn’t the extent of it? Oh dear :-/

  11. DougtheDug says:

    Having watched the video several times several things make no initial sense.

    John hadn’t read the autocue script before being placed in front of the camera, he’s dressed in a joke tartan jacket, he mispronounces words and the glassy stare, forced smiles and the odd jerky movements reminiscent of the ‘Dancing Gordon Broon’ video makes me suspect only one thing:

    John Barrowman is actually a Yes supporter but was abducted, given a large dose of rohypnol and placed in front of a camera by Better Together.

    It’s the only way that an actor of his repute could have created such an amateurish, rambling mess.

  12. roddymacdonald2014 says:

    My thoughts here: Live from Chicogo: Widow Twanky’s Saturday Night

  13. Big Jock says:

    I thought it was Glen Michaels Cavalcade when I saw that jaiket.John Barrowman.. The point. ➡ ▪

  14. He makes a pathetic excuse maker.I thought he was amusing and now I’m sure that he is the joke.

  15. Blast. Derek Bateman did the panto theme much better. No Wally Dugs for me. sniff.

  16. Ron Wilson says:

    Who cares … whit a couf.

  17. BillfaeDenny says:

    An email just landed in my in-box with the title “In the interests of Civilisation….Conform”. I thought it might be the latest output from Better Together or Jim – Daily Mail – Murphy, ( I hope I haven’t given them any ideas here) but no. it’s screenwriter Charlie Kaufman’s movie from the subscription Mubi Film Rental club. But wait, the blurb says it’s “wonderfully weird….with a great cast at great insanity” so perhaps my initial suspicion was not so far off the mark. Hot on the heels of their latest horror “Cybernattery Stooshie on Elm Street” I would not have been surprised to find on further reading “….starring reverred Chicogo intscot John Barrowman”.
    A word of warning John – it might not have been a good idea to refer to the First Minister as “great puddin’ o’ the chieftan race”. Beware you don’t fall foul of Jim Murphy’s Daily Mail crusade to ban from public debate those who abuse politicians, this could herald the end of your panto career…..Oh yes it could!
    Oh no it couldn’t! Silly me, I just remembered the ban only applies to those from the Yes camp.
    My first impression on viewing John’s Burns Night video was that he at least deserves a modicum of sympathy. Having to read Blair MacDougall’s excruciating script John had every right to feel a wee bit Krankie.

  18. Teri says:

    Are they reviving the White Heather club? Is he auditioning for a part in it?

  19. Lorraine Fannin says:

    Nobody seems to have told him that Burns reference to “A Parcel of Rogues in a nation” referred to the members of Parliament who signed the Act of Union in what the poet thought was extreme treachery.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      That does seem to be a crucial flaw in his otherwise impeccable logic Lorraine : )

  20. Jeannie says:

    I’m not sure that John’s tactic of using the example of Scots who emigrated from Scotland and settled in a country which fought tooth and nail for its independence from Britain and are doing great there is the best argument for staying in the Union. Is it just me or has he inadvertentently just made the case for voting Yes?

  21. Last time I saw a jaikit like that there was a bottle o cheap cider stickin oot o one pocket, a three day old Daily Record stickin oot o the ither and the wearer of said jaikit wis arguing wi his reflection in a shop windae!

      1. David Mannion says:

        Jamesie Cotter?

  22. BT does no get it! Independence is not about division. It’s about sovereignty and standing together in thes isles as equal partners. That’s the real Better Together.

  23. macart763 says:

    Has anybody told this fella that the referendum isn’t about the FM or what he wants? Salmond this, Salmond that, the BT playbook by the numbers. Get a grip.

    And that jaikit, oh wow.

  24. Andy Velzian says:

    Words fail me.. *shakes head*

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