Sixteen year old Saffron Dickson from Glasgow announces a new group launching later this month. Their slogan: Make History. Be Generation Yes. Follow them here @myYesScotland and find them on Facebook here.

There is something quite extraordinary happening in Scotland just now. Something that other nations in the UK are still debating, but we’ve decided to be the nation that blazes the trail. No-one could fail to have noticed that the vote has been extended to include 16 and 17 year olds, and this has been both exciting as the recipient of the vote, but confusing for some of the “more established” political groups. The very idea that young people are now being engaged with as a legitimate part of the electorate makes a wonderful change from the usual way some of our senior politicians tend to view youth. “Youth”- a word often used in conjunction with anti-social behaviour, disorder, problematic etc. But now a new force in the campaign for Scottish Independence.

Will it be this new generation that wins this referendum? I say Yes. The youth have grasped on to something excellent that many other demographics have failed to do in this debate- the power to speak to everyone and not just one select group. You may not have heard of groups such as ‘GenYes’ (a non party, all party group who have their launch in Govan on the 29th of March) yet, but they’re here, they’re starting, and they’re going to make a difference. They’ve managed to click onto this with the best and most inspiring ideas – the youth of today are not all ASBO holding hooligans but rather dedicated and passionate people who want to see Scotland in the hands of the Scottish people. The mass under-representation and lack of expectations for us younger people is something that needs to be challenged- and it will be. The grass-root nature of this campaign is what makes it so different, so appealing to the youth- and trust me, we want in on it!


What’s so different about the youth compared to the older population? We’re young, fresh and usually not politically tied up yet. Sometimes people can get so caught up in their party political agendas that they forget about the real issues – the majority of us don’t have that problem yet. Sit us down, talk to us, and we WILL listen. This is a movement of mass importance; we are ensuring a youth of not only thinkers, but of doers. We are ensuring a generation of politically active people with real life experience – even though we haven’t won the referendum yet, we’re already ensuring ourselves a better future.

We have something unique that the No camp don’t have; we have personality. Young vibrant people absolutely bursting at the seams to tell you why we must become a better, fairer, independent Scotland- so let us tell you! We have fire in our bellies, one that’s burning brighter than even and cannot be dampened by the scaremongering of Better Together. We are the generation that are asking for help to save our future, we are the generation that is strong enough to stand up to the corrupt systems in Westminster, we’re the generation who will not take no for an answer. We trust that you will work with us to create a better, fairer Scotland; now you must trust that we will stand side by side with the older, more established groups and fight for the same equality. Trust that we are just as capable to canvass, to discuss. Trust that we are worthy of being Generation Yes.”