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  1. hektorsmum says:

    Well done, just love it and if only. Now we need that poisonous woman sorted.

  2. Alex Buchan says:


    I read this article last night and was sickened by it. This is New Labour Mandelsonian politics at its darkest. The move away from New Labour is a sham. The Labour Party have absolutely no principles if they can stoop this low. To try to insinuate that their is something dark about Alex Salmond because he does not have children instead tells us that their is something very dark about the soul of the modern Labour Party. This act of gross opportunism will likely go un-noticed and unremarked on in the press, but it deserves to come back and haunt Johann Lamont for the rest of her political career.

    1. David McCann says:

      Good to see that Gary Robertson tackled Lamont head on in today’s
      Politics Show.

  3. The good is coming I think the fightback is now starting,and independence is within our grasp.I believe we have friends in the Labour party,who are disgusted by what their “leadership” say and do,the eyes of our nation are being opened.I still have trust and belief in Alex Salmond he will judge the mood and deploy the right tactics,he is a better man than what the newspapers think and know,no matter how much mud and vile comments are thrown at him he will stand as firm as the rock in the storm.

  4. Big Jock says:

    Lamont’s answer to everything is just to have her prepared answer an repeat it verbatim. If the question is what day is it tomorrow?She would probably say Wednesday if that’s what’s in her script.She doesn’t or won’t listen just an endless whine on and on but nothing answered and nothing said.She is incredibly badly spoken and cranially challenged.God help the kids she used to teach.I am not going to be PC she sounds like a tea lady.Surely someone who aspires to be first minister should at least be articulate and sound remotely well spoken.She is an embarrassment.McConnell wasn’t a particularly good speaker.But he didn’t sound as common as Lamont.

    1. Mark says:

      Completely agree. I actually kind of feel sorry for her. She’s just a typical die hard labourite. They’re not quite sure why they religiously follow the party – they just do because their parents did and so on. Tragic.

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