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As Bella was looking about for a nifty contribution to #IndyReasons up pops this. As an exercise in exposing the true relationship between Westminster and Holyrood, and the role of the British State, it’s unsurpassed. This is both funny and sad. Here’s how Alistair Carmichael MP Secretary of State for Scotland conducts himself in front of a Holyrood Committee.

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  1. I am always slightly annoyed when I see “Anglo-American relations” or Anglo-Franco relations” why because this “One Nation” is supposedly either Britain or the United Kingdom,and the “Anglo” agreements also come over as strictly Anglo or English all I want to know is why “Anglo” and not “Brit-American” or “UK-USA” “Brit Franco” is also easy to say and write,is Auld Scotia being written out of these agreements? and if the nuclear bombs and subs also part of the “Anglo-American” then they should be removed fro Auld Scotia and placed in the country that has the agreement.Just a we niggling moan.

  2. My reply to the recording,Carmichael is as sleekit as he is stupid.Said lots of words with little meaning and all that I took from it was he will delay anything that may be of help to Scotland.Used up time to get out of answering a question that the fellow Flatt was about to answer,maybe the truth is bad for him.

  3. Colin says:

    Very smug, thinks he is a right ticket, I wonder if he will be as smug after Independence.

  4. The contempt he shows to the committee is a contempt for the entire nation of Scotland.
    On Sept18th let us make him a new JSA claimant

    1. jdman says:

      Agree entirely

  5. Willie McEwan says:

    He got a good beating a the hustings in Shetland on Saturday as the audience moved strongly to YES after his contribution.

    1. Auld Rock says:

      Aye Willie but I believe that it was his Con/Dem colleague Ian Duncan who really won it for ‘YES’, he was pathetic and lacked basic knowledge. He is the Tories Number 1 on their Euro list, LOL.

  6. Capella says:

    Behold – the Secretary of State for Scotland! How superciious and sly he is. I liked the Chair’s question “Are you Westminster’s man in Scotland or Scotland’s man in Westminster?” He quickly stopped Flett from answering embarrassing questions. I think the ermine trimmed collar will look just right on him.

  7. john gallagher says:

    Come the day we will remember all this politicians Who backed proposals and lies about Europe monetary union and the false borders All the lies will be brought back to haunt them They know full well the lies It was the same lies they used before the Scottish parliament I hope Westminster gives them jobs they will be unelectable in Scotland

  8. jdman says:

    Whats he saying in that picture? ok one wrong move and he gets it?

  9. rabthecab says:

    I hope you’ll pardon the language, but Alistair Carmichael is an insufferable prick.

  10. wanvote says:

    2 shifty looking characters stumbling over their words and making a swift exit. Just like all the other BT oddbods.

  11. Grant says:

    Was Alistair Carmichael totally drunk? A pathetic figure indeed.

  12. ramstam says:

    What an embarrassment Carmichael is! His arrogance was clearly on show, he thought the questions beneath him. You could almost hear him thinking “Do you know who I am – I’m a big cheese in London” Funny though how many YES folk think he’ll get a position in London post Indy. I think the union jocks will get the cold shoulder doon-by if they don’t deliver.

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