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Stephen Paton’s Weekly #IndyRef Update 4



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  1. Andrew Skea says:

    Now that Yes finds that not many people support their call for independence, they start harping on about more powers instead. Why do they keep blaming the Unionist parties for not including a another option on the ballet paper?

    It was the SNP who designed the question. I do not recall the SNP making any request for the extra option.
    It is only now that it is clear that Independence is not what Scots want that you guys are now trying to blame the pro-Union parties asking the wrong question.

    If SNP had wanted a referendum on more devolution they should have made that their policy at the last Holyrood election, gained a mandate for that question, then asked that question.

    Typical Nationalists – blame other people when you do something wrong.

    1. Robert Graham says:

      are you for real or just another idiot reading from the NO NOT EVER propaganda sheet your view on history is back to front your whole post is beyond stupid and “YES” its a great idea posting rubbish hoping for a reaction if you have a comment on “OUR” referendum please (1) get your facts right (2) stop posing as yet another normal voter just like the normal mum from the other week it doesn’t work so toodle off back to the dark side have a nice day now

      1. Andrew Skea says:

        I while SNP has being creating division in our country, the ‘Unionist’ parties as you like to call them have delivered yet more devolution to Scotland (Scotland Act 2012) – due to be be implemented in 2016.

    2. Penfold says:

      Please do some research before coming online and posting above comments. You simply lose all credibility and make yourself a laughing stock.

      1. Andrew Skea says:

        I’m the only person posting thought out text. Stephen does a video about a second question that none of the parties wanted – and raising this again now is probably due to the realisation that poeple don’t want separation.
        Then I get called and idiot – that is constructive!
        Then I get told to do some research – that is constructive!

        1. bellacaledonia says:

          Hi Andrew, people are just trying to get their heads around the idea that all the Unionist parties are now so mad keen on more powers but wouldn’t put it on the ballot. SNP weren’t going to put Devo Max on the ballot because their position was unambiguously for independence but were open to people backing their stated policies. This is one of the reasons why people have lost faith in parties of the union, because this seems like naked opportunism. Which it is.

    3. David Agnew says:

      Sorry but you are wrong. Simply wrong. Salmond and the SNP pushed for a single question from the get go. It was the unionist camp that shut down the 2nd option as they foolishly thought it would force Salmond to abandon the referendum all together.

      If Westminster really wanted to devolve powers they would have insisted on it being on the ballot paper. But then of course they would have been committed to it. The buy now taste later…much later devolution packages being offered now, depend entirely on who wins in 2015 (hint: Conservatives) and then that party pushing its package through a hostile Westminster.

      There is going to be nothing on offer from the UK in 2016 except more austerity and cuts.

      Union? No thanks.

      1. Andrew Skea says:

        You seem confused, you say that the SNP wanted a single question, and so did the other parties. So what is the problem – everybody has got what they want.

        And there really is no need for a referendum on devolution. We are getting more devolution quite well without a referendum – as demonstrated by the Scotland (2012) Act – to be implemented shortly. Devolution is constantly under review and as existing elements bed in, more will be judged appropriate, and the odd bit might be better centralised again.

        If we had not spend the last 2 or 3 years talking about Independence, we could have instead been talking about which elements should be devolved and how. For example further devolution of taxation has many interlinked complications – it needs studied in great details before a decision can be made. Someone needs to come up with a credible and logical plan.

      2. Andrew Skea says:

        Sorry – you said that SNP called for a second question – I misread your post.
        Can you provide any evidence of that – they kind of mentioned a second question in the hope that someone else would call for it. But in reality, SNP policy was for a single question – I never heard Salmond or any senior SNP call once for a second question.

      3. David Agnew says:

        I did not say Salmond wanted a 2nd question. I said he pushed for a single question from the get go. I will also reiterate that the unionist camp fought a pointless campaign to keep a 2nd question from the ballot, in the mistaken belief that that is what Salmond really wanted, which of course he didn’t.

        Had Westminster really been interesed in giving us more powers, they would have done so. The most they were prepared to give us was control over air pistol licensing and legislation on speed limits. That frankly is an insult. They have no intention whatsoever in offering Scotland extra powers. They can’t even agree on what those are. And again I will re-state that whatever package is on offer depends on who wins in 2015. labours big devo idea is cut barnett and introduce a Scottish tax to mitigate austerity in England. They also want to merge our NHS with England’s so it to can be privatised. They are simply not going tolerate a situation were England has no NHS, while Scotland’s is still publicly funded/ The Tories big idea is to simply do away with barnett, then make the Scottish gov responsible for collecting tax that it will have no control over. For the Tories, responsibility without power is power as far as Scotland is concerned.

        You are asking us to faith in a system that spend 2 years on awarding Scotland with a few minor powers. You are asking us to put our faith in a Westminster system that is deeply hostile to Scotland gaining any substantive powers. Today I read that the Tories want to extend workfare to pensioners. Labour wants to force our young people onto their “Workfare with a sandwich” programme and both are considering removing welfare support from the disabled.

        Scotland should not settle for anything less than complete power. The union is dying a death of a thousand cuts, and its Westminster that’s doing the damage. Scotland’s interests are no longer served by the Union. Its time to go.

  2. Andrew Skea says:

    And the airport tax – most Scots back a green agenda – air travel is the least taxed form or travel (other than bikes and waking) – and is very damaging to the environment. We should be calling for increases in air taxes in other countries to create a level playing field.
    How do Yes campaigners justify increased pollution – surely we should be taking more environmentally friendly holidays in Scotland – I’ve just booked my Calmac ferry to Mull for my summer hols!

  3. I am enjoying this “blog” good questions and I like the style.

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