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Late Call – Editors Blog 3

More than Honey

‘You have to watch this film, you have to, its brilliant.’

What film?

‘More Than Honey.  It’s about bees. Well, it’s about more than just bees.’

I’m busy.  I’m writing a blog post for Bella.’

‘Screw that.  Watch the film.  Honestly, it’ll change the way you think about bees.’

I dinnae really think that much about bees.  Anyway, I take my writing responsibilities seriously.


Seriously. I’m no that bothered about bee movies.  Except for the Bee Movie, obviously, the cartoon that Adam Sandler wrote.  Best Pixar film ever…

‘It was Jerry Seinfield.  Look, just watch it. It’s in German but I’ll translate it for you.’

You are joking, right?  You want me to watch film I cannae understand while you do a live translation?  Eh, no.  I’m writing a blog about …

‘I can’t believe you won’t watch this film.  I bet Mike’s seen it.  He’d get it. He understands about bees and food production and diets.’

Gie us peace.  I’m no watching it.

(5 minutes later….)

‘See.  I knew there’d be a copy online with English subs. Will you watch it now?’

Jeezuz.  Right.  Stick the bloody bee movie on. This better be good…

Normal blog service will resume tomorrow night.  Probably a review of a German movie about bees…

(MORE THAN HONEY can be watched here with English subs)








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  1. Doug Daniel says:

    “Honeybees show us that stability is just as unhealthy as unlimited growth, that crises and disasters are triggering evolution and that salvation sometimes comes from a completely unexpected direction.”

    (From the link to English subtitled film)

    You’d think that’d be pretty obvious really. Without problems to overcome, there is no need for innovation. But of course, people never look at things that way. Let’s hope more than 50% are aware that “stability” is a dead-end path in September and choose the path where we get to deal with problems in our own ways.

  2. rambling_idiot says:

    The remake of The Wicker Man is the greatest bee movie ever.

    It’s also the greatest Nic Cage movie ever.

  3. goldenayr says:

    Right that’s it,I’m hacked off.

    Read the whole lot waiting for the sting in the tail

    Iva Hive


  4. bellacaledonia says:

    Pretty good movie actually. Learnt a lot about bees. Worth watching. (Ads were a bit annoying though.)

  5. Kevin – The movie is subliminal Bitter Together propoganda.

    It’s all about the Queen, and suggests that the drones are subsidy junkies, wearing bum bee tartan.

    Ah’ll get ma coat!

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      The Queen is regularly overthrown and replaced in a hive! Bees ken the score.

  6. I’m old school – at 67 I reckon Elizabeth, Queen of Scots, is still doing a grand job, and, living in East Ayrshire, I have been impressed by what the future Arthur, KIng of Scots (maybe) has done at Dumfries House.

    Rather that pair than President Blair, President Brown or even President Salmond.

  7. wanvote says:

    Never mind the wonders of bees, whit aboot the wonders of subtitling 🙂 (4 the 1 in 7 who can’t hear and are shut oot o’ maist things) – good thought-provoking film

  8. fynesider2 says:

    Sub-titles.”? What sub-titles? None that I can see on my iPad… Brilliant film nonetheless!

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