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Sleaze and Secrecy


The baffling incantations of the forces of lite entertainment released yesterday will do nothing but strengthen the contempt for the No campaigns messaging (amid a few giggles). But if the Let’s Stay Together video is a low point it masks a much darker truth about how Britain works.

In place of ideas or arguments gushes forth a flood of emotional discharge. Watching Trinny and Susannah wrestle with issues of sovereignty and democracy is an unedifying sight. But never mind the fashionable duo, talk about ‘UK:OK’ I see that Dan Snow of #LetsStayTogether fame is married to Lady Grosvenor, daughter of 6th Duke of Westminster (a man who owns 39000ha in Scotland) and is the third richest man in GB.

He’s not going to be big change-agent, is he?

How are we to process Ross Kemp’s tear-jerking performance in light of Bagram and the degenerate secret state operations?

It’s a humiliatingly shameful argument from the Better Together lounge.

The political void-space cannot be filled by Baldrick’s Kilted Turnip.

In the context of a moral crisis facing the British State as the Elm Green Guest House and Dolphin Square revelations cascade into the public domain, the governing class face exposure like never before. As Sloss sloshes off the stage the belief that the British elite can cover things up  in the same manner as they did for a very long time like the Kincora Boy’s Home is dead in the water.

It’s not like that any more. As the past year has seen the truths about the 1970s have been spewing forth, uncontainable.

The surveillance state is a two-way street.

As the rotten core of the elite is partially uncovered a test of transparency and trust about Westminster lies before those wanting to – but seemingly incapable of – making a positive case.

The belated investigations only serve to highlight decades of apparent inaction in the corridors of power to get to the truth despite relentless campaigning by a number of MPs including Labour’s Tom Watson. Leon Brittan’s ‘lost files’ and Lady Butler-Sloss lasting only a week are all ‘out there’ and Theresa May’s temporary victory over Michael Gove will shuffle off the agenda next week with the fashion analysis of thhe new Cabinet’s catwalk. We are left with the repeated allegations and very few answers.

But the question will still remain: how does the British establishment respond in crisis?

This isn’t a question contained to the British State. Revelations about the routine use of firearms in the Highlands point to the bizarre and unnecessary accumulation of power and weaponry by state forces whenever and however they can.

The question you are faced with is: do you feel that Westminster or a nascent Scottish state are more likely to be reformed or controllable into a transparent democracy fit for purpose?

Which do we think more likely to be dragged into the light of day and the 21st Century? Care of children and vulnerable young people is as much an issue of democracy as anything else.

Despite the moronism of the Better Together level of debate we should watch this space as a litmus test of Westminster rule. With Andy Coulson winking from Belmarsh Britain seems to be in phase of Continuity Sleaze, an era that you can map back as long as you might remember and likely to remain that way as long as the privileged are protected and the powerful feel they can act without restraint or accountability.


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  1. SquirrelTowers says:

    I agree Mike, I sit and think is ‘this’ it, is this all the case they can make for the union, some kind of hokum celeb endorsed filum, put together by a London Ad agency (probably paid for by a Tory donor who doesn’t even live in Scotland) on behalf of UK plc? The more I look and read the greater is my desire to escape the bloated tick that is the UK/Westminster establishment. The ‘oldest democracy’ is entrenched in its traditions, it is never going to reform in any meaningful way. I am never going to see 300 women MPs, the abolition of the House of Lords or ditching of that stupid wool sac in the Thames. I long for a modern democracy that looks to the future instead of ALWAYS the past, that has vision and ambition as opposed to some half-baked nostalgia for the ‘good old days’. I want that for my kids and so I will vote Yes as an English bird that calls Scotland home.

    1. Ian Kirkwood says:

      Echo from an old Scottish punter living in Sweden.

      1. Canuckistan says:

        also middle aged Scot in Canada…

      2. James Dow a voice from the diaspora says:

        And the same from one living in Australia. It’s a great Empire the Scot’s still have the Great Scottish diaspora, enough said, more power to our arm, and there are plenty of as across the waters. Scotland’s real power if required.

      3. tern says:

        James the diaspora have been left out of Yes’s citizenship plans! “Ciciv nationalsim” means a bias towards the resident population and electorally dodging the entire issue of our big diasporo expecting voters to be racist. They want a power to divide families, they won’t budge on not giving unrefusable inheritance of citizenship from a parent. The effects are not just emotional they are practical, pushing it too far for many voters, stopping families caring for each other and supporting each other against economic troubles and poverty. They have lost my vote by this and caused me to lodge a humanitarian petition to the EU on the ref’s legitimacy unless voters were all aware of it, and an awareness raising leafletting on it in the Borders.

  2. I’m slightly worried by the conception of “friendship” that whowever came up with this campaign seems to have; the idea that if someone steps “outside the garden gate” (so to speak) they’re no longer a friend, no longer family. Rather superficial, if you ask me.

  3. Canuckistan says:

    It’s like a message from inside TV land. They might as well have used the entire cast of the Archers.

  4. macbethsonoffinlay says:

    It`s like the last days of the Roman Empire , excess,corruption,sexual deviation,lies,obfuscation,racism,xenophobia,the State is moribund , the rich are grabbing as much as they can and getting out, all that will be left will be those Labour Quislings in the House of Lords with a look of “what the F..k?”on there wine stained faces. A Yes vote is the only thing that will save Scotland a No vote is national suicide.

    1. I always reckoned that London City Airport was built where it was, surrounded by water to provide our elites a Saigon, 1975 -style means of escape when the wheels finally fall off their gravy train. Perhaps that moment is close at hand now.

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