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I’ve spent the last few days catching up with the democracy movement and we’re preparing (long overdue) reviews of both Commonweal and Inspired by Independence.

But it’s all pretty humbling, you think you’re doing your bit then you run into the likes of Elaine and Tarlochan at Word Power, Mark Coburn (Indyclist – support his work here), the guys who produced Scotland Yet (book it here) and thousands of others …or my local hero Colin, who’ll be running the Yes stalls at Burntisland on Monday.

Inspiring people for inspiring times! Here’s another inspirational guy who’s changing the media voice…

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  1. Grand fella great videos/tapes look forward to this interlude from reading,thank I will now start passing it around.

  2. YESGUY says:

    This young lad has a guid heid on him and another reason why iScotland will thrive . Trust the young to get the message before the old cynics .

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