All is Spin. Never mind the bollocks about ‘keeping politics away from sport’ everything is political: from the England teams Union Jack helmets to insisting a democracy movement is a ‘protest’ – to the Queen rolling up in her Roller to the hilarious commentary.

It’s all going pretty well and in drops Usain Bolt conferring some (possibly not necessary) Serious Fame Sparkle on proceedings. The Times, displeased at Scotland having a standing in the world, anxious at our success as an independent competitor, has used the opportunity to spread some muck around.

The Times claimed Bolt had been waiting in the rain for his car to arrive shortly after meeting members of the royal family at the athletes’ village in the east end of Glasgow on Tuesday. It quoted the world 100m record holder as saying the Glasgow Games were “a bit shit” and that he thought “the Olympics were better”.

The Royal Family can do that to you.

Now Bolt has responded saying on Twitter: “I’m waking up to this nonsense.. journalist please don’t create lies to make headlines”.

Yeah Usain, we’ve got used to it.

The Times said it was standing by its story. The newspaper’s Scottish editor, Angus Macleod, said: “We stand by this story 100%. We have utter confidence in this story.”

Bolt’s manager Ricky Simms earlier told the BBC that the reports were “utter rubbish” adding “The atmosphere in and around the stadiums has been absolutely fantastic and I have absolutely no idea where these quotes have come from,” he added.

Whoever’s right, we look forward to Angus Macleod being given a slot on Radio Scotland to do his usual round up of what the ‘Unionist Papers say’, media about media, unionist press about unionist press. His position is eternal.

We all know what happened to the only radio program to deviate from the norm and report non MSM Better Together outlets? [Headlines to be Axed]

If we pit the goodwill of Glasgow, the support of people around Scotland and the world’s fastest man against the print journalists of discredited and dwindling newspapers, I know who I’d bet on.

The Times sells around 18,931 copies in Scotland.