As a Commonwealth Cynic I have to admit to a certain pre-Games bah-humbag grumpiness, perhaps fuelled by the whiff of empire-past, the Jaconelli story, the Red Roads Flat debacle and a general default disdain for anything-that-is-not-football. But I’ve been completely blown away by the Glasgow Games. The heat helped, as did the amazing warmth of the Glasgow crowds, and did the exciting glimpse of what a more multicultural Scotland would like.I liked the pleasant slaying of various myths: we couldn’t compete, we couldn’t organise a major event, it would all go horribly wrong. And a bigger uglier myth was also laid to rest.I remember feeling jealous of the Irish in 2007 when they welcomed England to Croke Park for the very first time. The stadium was the site of ‘Bloody Sunday’, where Tipperary captain Michael Hogan and 13 others were killed during an atrocity committed at a Dublin v Tipperary match in 1920. All of the pre-match build-up was filled with dark talk about how it would all go down. In the end the Irish met the Queen and the English national anthem, God Save the Queen with dignity and applause. Here too the build-up had been dominated by idiotic voices warning that the English competitors would be booed at Hampden Park. Instead they were cheered to the rafters and all the daft talk from Unionists looked as stupid and desperate as it surely was.What an inspiration of young people with total dedication commitment and discipline. What an inspiration for Scotland to aspire to better health, better fitness, and to better access and participation in all sporting activities. Let the summer be a space for a real break from wall to wall football coverage from our broadcasters and let the true diversity of sports be shown.I’ll happily set-aside all indyref political grumbles to simply celebrate the determination and courage of all who took part.And we’ve done well. As Irvine Welsh tweeted in a burst of competitiveness: “Here’s medal table readjusted per head of population, @BBCSport 1. Sco -1 med per 102,000, 2. Aus -1 per 185,000, 3. Eng -1 per 378,000.”There’s more to prove than medals though. As we all know we’re not just on the podium but streaks ahead in childhood obesity, heart disease, type two diabetes, the lot. Food related ill-health? We’re world leaders. So there’s a lot of work to be done. We know that and one great games won’t fix it. All that said this is Bella’s roll-call of brilliant inspiring athletes and moments …
“Like  a Thunderstorm” Charlie Flynn

Our youngest ever winner: Erraid Davies


We also loved … [see all here]
Josh Taylor
Eilidh CHILD wins 400m hurdles silver
Lynsey Sharp
Reece McFADDEN [bronze] [52kg]
Neil FACHIE and (pilot) Craig MacLEAN [gold],  
Daniel KEATINGS [gold], [men’s pommel]; [silver] [all around] 
Daniel PURVIS [gold, parallel bars] & [bronze], [rings] 
Euan BURTON [gold], [-100kg] 
Hannah MILEY [gold], [400m individual medley] + [bronze] [200m individual medley] 
Ross MURDOCH [gold], [200m breaststroke]; [bronze], [100m breaststroke] 
Dan WALLACE [gold], [400m individual medley] + [silver], [200m individual medley] 
Michael JAMIESON [silver], [200m breaststroke]
Who inspired you and how can we take the spirit of positivity and aspiration forward?